Volunteer Spotlight: Nadine

Volunteer Spotlight: Nadine

Nadine may be new to Pet Haven’s dog foster program but she has followed Pet Haven for years, as a Pet Haven cat adopter. Nadine jumped right into her new volunteer role by offering to take in a senior Australian Shepherd mix who was a newly-diagnosed diabetic. Along the journey of getting Jackson’s glucose levels regulated, Nadine has been a stellar advocate.

Here’s a little more about Nadine:

PH: What is the name of the people and animals in your home?

N: Me and my 5-year-old Golden Retriever mix, Oliver.

PH: Why did you decide to volunteer with Pet Haven?

N: I adopted my cat Boo Radley from Pet Haven – and after he died – I decided fostering was the right thing to do.

PH: What inspires you to volunteer with animals?

N: I love animals so very much – my interactions with them –  make me a much better person.

PH: What is your most memorable volunteer experience?

N: My newfound ability to give my foster dog his insulin shots!!  I am scared of needles – but giving his shots is very easy!

PH: What is your favorite:

Animal – Dogs

Food – Spaghetti

TV show – I don’t have a tv

Movie – Harold and Maude

Band – Tom Waits

State – Minnesota!!

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