Volunteer Spotlight: Ryan

Volunteer Spotlight: Ryan

Imagine this: one dozen dogs, all from different backgrounds. One dozen people, hoping this is the lucky day the dog they brought will be meeting their forever home. One dozen potential adopters, filtering in and out of the area, anxiously hoping to meet their next furry family member. Several dozen shoppers, picking up cat litter or dog food, but stopping along their journey through the store to pet an adorable pup.

This is the scene of most of our adoption (aka meet ‘n greet) events.

We absolutely love meeting fellow animal enthusiasts and talking to them about what we do and how they can help, but this can also be a lot of commotion. Enter: Ryan.

About a year ago we created a role to ‘oversee’ these events. To ensure we had an accurate view of what dogs would be attending, whether their fosters needed any supplies for them, and to ensure we had enough non-foster volunteer representation at these events, to be on hand to handle dogs if their fosters need a quick break, or to answer questions about Pet Haven from someone walking by. Ryan does an amazing job ensuring that these behind-the-scenes details get done, so that we can put our best face forward for the guests who stop by these events!

Here’s a little more about Ryan:

PH: Why did you decide to volunteer with Pet Haven?

R: I was really interested in finding an organization that aligned with my beliefs – that every companion animal deserves a loving and secure home – as well as offered the opportunity to work on events – both adoption and special fundraising events. Pet Haven has been a perfect fit!

PH: What inspires you to volunteer with animals?

R: I grew up in a home full of animals and loved it. It meant a lot to me as a kid to always have dogs and cats to come home to – it added a lot of love and joy to our family. Now that I’m older, I’m better able to appreciate what it means for the animals to have a caring and stable home, and I’m happy to play a small part in helping them find that.

PH: What is your most memorable volunteer experience?

R: I had a great time volunteering at this year’s Pints for Paws event at Summit Brewing. Anytime you can get that many people together in support of a common cause is a lot of fun. Plus, there was beer, food trucks, and of course, lots of dogs!

PH: What is your favorite:

Animal – Besides dogs, right? Otters

Food – Tacos

TV show – The West Wing

Movie – The Social Network

Band – It changes a lot, but I’ll say The Shins

State – My home, Minnesota!


PS – we should also mention that Ryan doesn’t just end his volunteer work with our bi-monthly adoption events; he has also lent a hand in several of our special events, including our garage sale last summer, and our Pints for Paws event! Thanks Ryan!!!