Where Do They Come From? Pet Haven Animal Flow Statistics 2020

Where Do They Come From? Pet Haven Animal Flow Statistics 2020



In 2020 we made a conscious decision, with the onset of the pandemic, to go where we were needed most, say yes as much as we can, and open our hearts and homes to as many animals as possible. We actively and purposefully increased our foster base and our reach. As a result we were able to increase our intake over 2019 by 65%. While it was a challenging year, it was a journey so worth being on. 


Where do our Pet Haven Pets come from? 


  • Rural Shelter Partners who have very few adoptions – 273 pets removed and placed in foster homes
  • Tribal Nations where there are little to no resources for people or pets – 289 pets found warmth in one of our foster homes
  • Crisis Owner Surrender Program116 pets found safe harbor in foster care. Their owners found peace of mind
  • City Municipalities where pets are often stressed and considered unadoptable due to behavior or health – 55 pets found relief 
  • Found Stray – We helped  47 pets find a safe place off the streets due to shelters reducing stray intake
  •  Born in Care48 Kittens born in foster care and given a healthy start to life
  • Veterinarian partners17 pets needing surrender and medical care and we were there for them

845 Pet in need found a safe place to land in foster care at Pet Haven in 2020. 596 cats 249 dogs


Where did they all go after foster care?


792 Pet Haven rescued pets were adopted into loving homes. 570 Cats and 222 Dogs found family. We are match-makers and have been creating families for almost 70 years. Professionalism is important to us and we believe it is a key part of our work to know the families our pets are joining. This helps us ensure the families we work with get the best pet for their lives and reduce returns. Fostering love and creating a lasting family.

Unfortunately, there are times when we have to make the difficult and painful decision for euthanasia. At Pet Haven, we do not ever euthanize healthy pets and we do everything in our power to provide the best medical care possible for injured or sick pets. In 2020 we spent approximately $257,000.00 on veterinary care for our pets. Sometimes no matter how hard you try you can not save them all. In the very rare case, we need to make this difficult decision based on behavior, it’s even more heartbreaking. Behavioral euthanasia is not taken lightly and would only happen if all alternatives have been exhausted and in the case of extreme aggression where the pet is deemed unsafe for the public. We believe transparency builds trust with our community and donors.

In 2020 11 cats and 3 dogs needed euthanasia services due to untreatable health issues such as Cancer, FIP, Congestive Heart Failure, Parvo, Kidney Disease, and kitten/puppy failure to thrive. We mourn the loss of each Pet Haven Pet deeply.


Our work is not always easy but it is so rewarding and we would not want to do anything else. 

We are warming hearts, changing lives, and fostering love more than ever before thanks to all of our volunteers and supporters. This is powerful life-changing work. These pets in crisis that we rescue and find families for, not only receive the love they desperately need, but they also bring joy and love with them into the people’s lives they touch. 


Fostering Love, it’s what we do every day. If you would like to contribute to our mission, you can check out volunteer opportunities here or give a gift in support of our work and donate here!