Who is your favorite?

Who is your favorite?

A ‘Fashionista’?  or a ‘Best Buddy?’  What’s that all about, you ask?


Have you checked out  Pet Haven’s photo contest yet?  Here is a link that will take you right to it!


Pet Haven Fall Benefit



What is a photo contest?  It’s FUN and it is an easy way to raise funds for Pet Haven.  If you know about Pet Haven you know we are involved in many ways with the community:

We rescue and re-home cats and  dogs!  Sounds like fun?  Sounds easy?  It is usually fun and animals needing to be re-homed are easy to find, but it is also expensive.  A Pet Haven cat or dog is well taken care of medically and some need a lot of help, both physically and  mentally!





We help income qualified clients get their own pets altered so they are not contributing to the over population problem!

Yearly we offer grants to other groups to help them conquer overpopulation in their neighborhoods and towns.  Those funds are possible by careful management of our own expenses and because of your donations!



We support advocacy financially and work to educate the public on pet ownership.


So – you don’t think you have enough unallocated funds to help with such ambitious projects?  You do!  AND you get to show off your own Fashionista or Best Buddy!




Submitting your own pet will cost you $10.00.   Asking your friends and family to vote for your pet or one of the other ones in the contest will only cost them $1.00 a vote.   You can create a ‘bank’ and deposit any amount of funds in it – $1, $5, $10, $100!  And then you can go back in and spend your votes and encourage those friends to vote for their pick.  It’s easy, it’s fun and most importantly it will raise donations for Pet Haven to use to continue the work we do.  Our volunteers are dedicated to providing the best care they can and in finding the right homes for our rescued cats and dogs.  Some volunteers help out at low cost spay/neuter clinics locally or at Leech Lake or Red Lake.  It’s a big job, we need your help!

Don’t forget to sign up to attend the Fall Benefit this year too –  hope to see you there as well as your best friend in the photo contest.