Wondering how you can help with the over-population problem?

Wondering how you can help with the over-population problem?

Do you know what SNI stands for?  Spay Neuter Initiative!


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Every year Pet Haven carves money out of their budget, from donations and fund raisers, to award as grant money to other groups to help them manage the overpopulation problem in their community.

It is an ordinary name for a most important effort to ease the suffering of cats and dogs by getting them spayed and neutered.  Too many dogs and cats breed endlessly.  This is incredibly hard on the females and their physical condition deteriorates as they have litter after litter and the babies are born to mothers searching for food to keep themselves alive AND provide milk for the kittens and puppies.  In the end, all of them suffer – most never knowing love from humans nor feeling full after a good meal.  Intact males fight and roam and also struggle to survive and be the top male so they can breed that female in heat.  Fights can cause an abscess, infections and even the loss of an eye.  Untreated these wounds can cause death and do cause untold pain and suffering.


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These are the goals of the groups who applied for and were granted funds from Pet Haven this year:

People for Pets plans to use funds to alter the increasing number of cats and dogs who come to them not spayed or neutered so they can place all animals into new homes already spayed.

Precious Paws,   located in Chisholm,  will use their funds to ensure all sheltered animals are spayed or neutered before going into new homes.  They have raised additional funds to cover vaccinations.  Their surgery days are booked out a couple of months in advance.  Northland Spay and Neuter out of Duluth manages their transport days.  Local vets provide services when timing is critical.  Publicity includes local veterinarians speaking on the importance of spay/neuter surgery; advertising on the radio, their website and Facebook page; articles submitted to local newspapers, educating our young volunteers and word of mouth which continues to be the post successful part of the mission.

Headwater Animal Shelter  is the only animal shelter in Hubbard County. Due to lack of animal shelter facilities there in rural Northwest Minnesota, they also serve portions of the four surrounding counties. Aggressive spay/neuter programs are the only effective long term solution to the pet over-population in the community.  Funds granted will be used for their Cat colony (feral, farm, other) Sterilization Program. This group has been particularly successful  in using SNI funds and other grants and fund raisers to increase the numbers of cats they can alter.

Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue  The Red Lake Chippewa Reservation and surrounding area is an economically depressed area where residents will not allocate appropriate funds to neuter or spay their companion animals.  Without the help of Red Lake Rosie’s rescue and their supporters the overpopulation of companion animals would worsen.  After operating 10 years, they have made great progress and must sustain that progress to  keep population under control.  “This is the first year we asked the Red Lake residents for a suggested donation of $10 for services received. Nearly 80% of the residents were able to donate, many offering more if they were able.”

Leech Lake Legacy will  use Pet Haven SNI grant money to help them fund spay/neuter services for 350-400 companion animals a year.  In addition they transport surrendered animals to other areas of the state for adoption.


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Martin County Humane Society’s target population is to spay and neuter all cats in the shelter before adoption as well as cats of low income owners and outside cat colonies as far as funds reach.

Morrison County Humane Society will use their funds to insure all cats and dogs are altered before adoption.

Pet Fixers  works hard in a large area of low income clients in NW MN.  They alter  many cats and dogs through several spay/neuter options, spread the word about their clinics by word of mouth and local media and are improving the lives of many owners and their companion animals through their efforts.

Watonwan County Humane Society offers reduced rates through this grant and fund-raise to be able to continue these rates.  The program is aimed at cats and dogs, with a particular emphasis on pit bulls.


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In 2014  $17,000 was granted to 10 groups who, together, spayed and neutered 428 companion animals.

We look forward to hearing the report of the grants offered this year!


Pet Haven also funds a spay/neuter program for the companion animals of low income clients who qualify.  They apply from across Minnesota.

Because you care and donate, Pet Haven continues to fund raise and make spay and neuter a priority to help all the under-served cats and dogs to be healthier and lead easier lives which enables their owners to take better care of them.

These funds are entirely separate from the spay/neuter, ordinary and extra-ordinary vet care that Pet Haven allocates to the dogs and cats we place for adoption.





Daphne and her litter of 6 kittens and Rudy  thank you for your volunteer efforts and financial donations which helped them grow, thrive, heal and find homes!