Foster Program

Opening your home to a dog or cat in need is an incredibly rewarding experience. As a foster, you’ll provide an animal with care, food, play, exercise, and socialization. You’ll also work with other Pet Haven volunteers to respond to adoption applications. And yes, it’s difficult to say goodbye, but finding the perfect family for each dog and cat makes it worthwhile. As an added bonus, we love to share our stories and photos with each other so you’ll always have the support and friendship of fellow foster families. 

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SNIP Grant

Pet Haven is committed to reducing the number of homeless pets in Minnesota. We believe we cannot adopt our way out of pet overpopulation, so we’re working to address the problem at its root.

SNIP stands for “Spay/Neuter Initiative Program.”  We offer the SNIP grant on a case-by-case basis for individuals and on an annual basis to animal welfare groups in Minnesota to support and strengthen their spay/neuter efforts. And since 2005, we’ve awarded more than $250,000 to organizations throughout Minnesota and Iowa.  Click here for more information.




Phoenix Fund for Special Needs Animals

Many of the animals we rescue arrive neglected and unhealthy. They are in desperate need of necessary—and usually expensive—medical attention. Animals who have been abused, malnourished, poorly bred, and neglected deserve their chance to find a loving home.

Pet Haven’s Phoenix Fund is dedicated to rehabilitating, mending broken bones, curing illnesses, and restoring health. Our commitment to these special cases will continue when you support our Phoenix Fund Campaign.



Surrendering Your Pet

The decision to surrender your pet is never an easy one to make. Our volunteers are here to provide you with the support, guidance, and information you need to make the best choice. While we hope we can help to find ways to keep families together, our Crisis Owner Surrender Program ensures you can trust your pet is in good hands if you come to the difficult decision there is no other option.

People are often unaware of the potential resources that could help them keep their pets. This might include a need for affordable veterinary care, food, and supplies – or help with behavior modification or training.

Find out more about Pet Haven’s surrender process here. 

Owners can also use the Home to Home™ website. Home To Home™ is a rehoming website for owners who need to surrender their pets, including dogs, cats, and other animals. Those needing to rehome pets easily register and fill out a brief profile, upload a picture and information on their pet, and hit submit.

Home ToHome™ is free to use; however, there are some rules to the site, such as no money is allowed to exchange hands. Re-homing fees don’t lead to better outcomes for pets, but quality communications will.

Unfortunately, Pet Haven does not have the capacity currently to offer Temporary Foster Care. We do offer a website platform owners can use as a resource. In addition to rehoming, Home To Home™ offers a temporary foster option. This foster network directly connects pet owners seeking temporary housing for their pet with individuals who can open up their homes and hearts to provide short-term care until the pet can be reunited with its family. Pet Haven receives many calls every month for help with temporary foster care. Unfortunately, we do not have a program yet to help with temporary fostering needs, but Home To Home™ does.

Resources for Pet Owners

Click the link above to find a list of helpful resources for common behavior training tips, emergency vet care providers, and lots of other information.