*Due to an unusually large volume of requests, Pet Haven’s surrender process is taking longer than usual.


What to Know:

  • We recognize that surrendering a pet is sometimes unavoidable. We are here to help.
  • We request full disclosure of your pet’s traits. This will help us make an informed decision as to whether we can place your pet in a compatible foster home.
  • Due to the number of surrender applications we receive, it takes at least 2 weeks possibly longer to place an animal in a foster home.
  • We request that you help us help your animal by updating their vaccines.
    • For dogs: Rabies and Distemper vaccines and Heartworm test.
    • For cats: Rabies and Distemper vaccines and FelV  (Feline Leukemia test)
  • We offer a suggested donation amount for surrendering animals to Pet Haven. This isn’t mandatory, yet it’s appreciated
  • If you’d like some options for affordable vet clinics, websites on training and behavior, and contact information for local professional trainers, please check out our Resources page.

What We Are Unable To Do:

  • We are unable to accept animals with extensive vetting needs
  • We do not offer temporary foster homes
  • We cannot accept stray or found animals.
    • The finder must report the animal to the city in which it was found.
    • The animal must undergo whatever stray hold that the city requires (this is solely dependent on the jurisdiction the animal was found in; some allow finders to hold the animal while others must be brought to a shelter).
    • An animal is not considered legally available for transfer until it has undergone a 5-day stray hold.
  • We cannot perform TNR (trap neuter return) services
  • We cannot provide immediate surrender services
  • It is very difficult to place animals with human aggression tendencies, bite histories, separation anxiety, or other behavior problems.

Owner Surrender Process

  1. Complete Pet Haven’s Intake Questionnaire. Please note: Submitting this form does not guarantee that Pet Haven will be able to take the animal. Due to HIGH VOLUME, requests are taking longer to process.


 dog surrender questionnaire


 cat surrender questionnaire


  1.  Pet Haven reviews the Intake Questionnaire and responds via email (please check spam folder) within 3 business days. Due to an unusually high volume, responses are taking longer up to 5 business days. We realize this is often a stressful time and we ask for your patience.
  2. If surrendering a dog, Pet Haven requires that we assess the dog’s behavior and temperament prior to accepting a dog into our foster program.
  3. If approved you will be required to sign a release agreement. We also request a donation of $40.
  4. Upon signing the release agreement, Pet Haven takes ownership of the animal and finds a suitable foster home.

More information

Are you looking for help?  Click here for advice on pet behavior and training.