Facing the decision to give up your pet can be devastating and we know it’s not easy. We understand that there are sometimes circumstances that may prevent you from being able to keep your pet, and Pet Haven is here to help. We do not judge.

Options for surrendering your pet:

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  • If you’d like some options for affordable vet clinics, websites on training and behavior, and contact information for local professional trainers, please check out our Resources page.

Returning a Pet Haven Animal

If you are in need of return services for an animal you adopted from Pet Haven, please start the process by filling out our return form. We will need the name the pet that was originally adopted by:

 Return Form


Return Release Form: This should not be completed until your pet has been transferred to Pet Haven. It will be considered void without a Pet Haven representative present.

return release Form

Surrendering to Pet Haven

  • We request that you fully disclose your pet’s traits. This will help us make an informed decision helping us to place your pet in a compatible foster home for a more successful transition.
  • Due to the number of surrender applications we receive, it could take weeks (possibly longer) to place an animal in a foster home. Please be patient.
  • We request that you help us help your animal by updating its vaccines.
    • For dogs: Rabies vaccine, Distemper vaccine, Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccine, and 4DX test.
    • For cats: Rabies and Distemper vaccines and FeLV/FIV test.
  • If your pet is up to date on vaccinations or has received care at a veterinary clinic in the last 5 years we request that we be given complete medical records for your pet, including any medical notes. This is important so we can provide the best care possible for your pet moving forward. All personal information will be removed from these records. You can call your clinic and ask for a complete set of records **including medical notes** to be emailed to you and can be included in your application. This will speed up the surrender process. If your pet has not seen a vet while in your care, we will proceed without records.
  • We very much appreciate a suggested donation of $40 for surrendering animals to Pet Haven. This isn’t mandatory, yet it’s extremely helpful for us to be able to continue the important work we do and take in more pets in need.

What We Are Unable To Do:

  • We are unable to accept animals with extensive vetting needs, such as animals who are terminally or chronically ill. We can help you find compassionate end-of-life services.
  • We do not offer temporary foster home placement at this time. We hope to have a program in the future.
  • We cannot accept stray or found animals:
    • The finder must report the animal to the city in which it was found.
    • The animal must undergo whatever stray hold that the city requires (this is solely dependent on the jurisdiction the animal was found in; some allow finders to hold the animal while others must be brought to a shelter) and do your due diligence to find the owner. Post on social media, contact local shelters and vet clinics.
    • An animal is not considered legally available for transfer until it has undergone a minimum 7-day stray hold. Once this is complete and all due diligence to find the owner is done you can claim ownership and apply to surrender to Pet Haven through our owner surrender program
  • We cannot perform TNR (trap neuter return) services. We do not have the resources. HERE are some resources.
  • We cannot provide immediate surrender services. It can take up to 2 weeks or more to find a foster home.
  • It is very difficult to place animals with human aggression tendencies, bite histories, separation anxiety, or severe behavior problems.

Here is a comprehensive list of shelters and rescues in Minnesota

Owner Surrender Process

  1. Complete the surrender application. Please note: Submitting this form does not guarantee that Pet Haven will be able to accept your pet.


Cat Surrender Form


Dog Surrender Form


  1.  Pet Haven will review your application and respond via email (please check spam folder) within 3-5 business days. We realize this is often a stressful time, and we ask for your patience. 
  2. If your pet is approved for foster placement, we may ask for more information such as vet records, history  or where they came from and temperament. Once a foster is found we will work with you to coordinate a transfer, and you will be required to sign a release form.
  3. Pet Haven suggests a donation of $40 if we find placement for your pet. This is not mandatory but greatly helps us be able to help more pets like yours. We rely solely on donations and do not get any government funding.

Release Forms

**Please do not complete until your pet has been transferred to Pet Haven

Cat Release form


Dog Release form


More information

Are you looking for help or support?  Click here for advice on pet behavior and training.