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Since 1952, volunteers have been the backbone of Pet Haven and allowed us to keep our administrative costs down so public donations can go directly to animal care. Pet Haven is a family. We provide training and support to a community of amazing volunteers who are committed to making Minnesota a better place for animals.

There are many ways to be involved, and we thank you ahead of time for your interest. You can find out more about available volunteer opportunities by clicking on the links below. And if you have a  skill or interest you think Pet Haven can’t live without, we’d love to hear from you!

Read Pet Haven’s latest Volunteer Newsletter HERE or by clicking on the image below:



Current Opportunites


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Events Coordinator

  • Lead Events Operations from planning to promotion to execution
  •  Continuously open to suggestions from volunteers and brainstorming new locations/ events ideas for Pet Haven fundraising out into the community
  • Ensure each scheduled event has adequate volunteer staffing
  • Be the face of Pet Haven to interested event partners, including completing any follow up communication

Estimated time commitment: 5-8 hours per month

Supplies Team

The supplies team hosts open hours at our supplies shed (in St. Louis Park) for fosters to help gather all the food, walking attire, litter, treats, toys, and more they need to care for the animal(s) in their care. During the open hour supplies team members guide fosters to the things they need as well as helping to organize the units.

Estimated time commitment: 1-2 hours per month

Dog Foster Coordinator

The Foster Coordinator screens new foster applications, organizes ongoing training and virtual home visits for new foster applicants, and makes recommendations for new volunteer positions, when necessary.  The FC works with a team of volunteers to provide training and virtual home visits to new fosters and is also responsible for tracking the process of new applicants..

Estimated time commitment: 5-10 hours per week

Dog Foster Mentor

Foster Mentors provide support and guidance to foster volunteers and their dogs. They are the portal  for fosters to all the support and resources within Pet Haven. Foster Mentors also work closely with all members of Pet Haven’s Dog Division Team to make recommendations for improvements and be the conduit of  communications to Pet Haven fosters.

Estimated time commitment: 5 hours per week

Dog Division Manager

The Dog Division Manager leads the Dog Division, supervises the Foster Mentors, and is assisted by key Dog Division volunteers assigned responsibility for the various operational functions of Pet Haven’s Dog Division. The Dog Division Manager supervises the following volunteers:

  • Dog Foster Coordinator
  • Dog Foster Mentors and Fosters
  • Dog In-Home and Boarding Respite Coordinators
  • Post-adoption coordinators

Estimated time commitment: 7-10 hours per week

Dog Owner Surrender

The OS/Return Coordinator- Dog Division is responsible for responding, coordinating, and processing dogs who are surrendered by their owner or returned to Pet Haven. The OS/Return Coordinator reviews and assesses the animal’s veterinary records and surrender form and makes arrangements for the animal to be transferred to Pet Haven.  The OS/Return Coordinator works closely with Intake Coordinators and the Dog Adoption Coordinator to ensure a smooth transition for the animal to Pet Haven’s care.

Estimated time commitment: 5 hours per week

Cat Foster Mentor

Foster Mentors provide support and guidance to foster volunteers and their foster cats. They are the “go-to” person for fosters who are in need of support and advice (including selecting and transferring a foster cat, behavior tips, coordinating transport/supplies help, , and assisting with the adoption process.) Foster Mentors also work closely with all members of Pet Haven’s Cat Division Team to make recommendations for improvements and provide scheduled communications to Pet Haven fosters.

Estimated time commitment: 5 hours per week

Dog and Cat Fosters

Providing foster care for a dog or a cat can be a very rewarding experience, but it has its share of responsibilities and challenges as well. Dogs and Cats come to Pet Haven through our Shelter Partners and from Crisis Owner Surrenders. While we try to gain as much information as we can on the health, behavior, and personality of each animal we bring in, there are often many unknowns. Fosters need to be willing to work within the animal’s timelines and needs giving the animal the space to adjust to their new home and all the changes they have been through. This requires compassion, kindness, patience, and persistence. Experience with animals is helpful but not a requirement. Fostering can be an excellent way to determine if you are cut out for pet ownership, or if it is feasible to add another pet to your household.

Please tell us about yourself and if you would like to foster a cat or dog by filling out a foster application!


Apply to become a foster!

Please fill out a foster application by clicking on the link below! For more information about fostering, visit our Foster Page.

Foster Application





Do you have a physical shelter space?

No.  All of our animals live in private foster homes.  If you’re looking for a volunteer position directly interfacing with our foster animals, consider becoming a Foster Friend!

How old do I have to be to volunteer?

Positions require volunteers to be 18. Those under 18 can volunteer as a Foster Friend if accompanied by an adult. 

Can I volunteer from home?

You bet!  We have administrative and remote positions which allow you to help from the comfort of your sofa!

How do I find out more?

Once you submit your volunteer application, you’ll hear back from our Volunteer Coordinator to discuss how you can get involved.

How do you communicate with volunteers?

Pet Haven has a dedicated Volunteer Facebook page created just for volunteers to keep up with what’s going on. Once you submit your volunteer application, we’ll add you to the group.  You’ll also receive our monthly E-Volunteer Newsletter.


Foster Friend Agreement