Resources and Education


Dog Behavior Resources

Bringing a new dog home

Resource for Rescue Dogs

Your First 30 days with your new dog

Crate Training Help

A New Dog in the House: Tips for Transition

Dog Parks: What to know

Poisonous plants for dogs

Puppy Handling

Learning to greet dogs properly


Dog Separation Anxiety

Animal Humane Society

Humane Society of the United States


Barking Issues

Victoria Stillwell


Resource Guarding


Patricia McConnell

Food Guarding

Muzzle Up Project: a great resource for pet owners to learn about how to use and fit a muzzle!

Shy/Fearful Dogs


Understanding a shy/fearful dog



Cat Behavior Resources

Bringing Your New Cat Home

How to prepare for your new cat’s first few days

Preparation to Prevent Problems

How to Speak Cat & Understand Behavior

Jackson Galaxy Support Blog

Poisonous Plants for Cats

Cat Behavior Issues

Separation Anxiety in Cats

Litter Box Issues

Tips to help with litter box issues (video)

Introducing New Pets

Introducing Cats; The Do’s and Dont’s

Introducing a New Cat to Dogs

Introducing a new dog to your other dogs

Introducing dogs on leash

Dog-Dog Introduction Video (credit:


Foster-Specific Resources

The 2-week “staycation” for foster dogs (credit: A Rotta Love Plus)

Welcome to dog fostering: What to expect

CHILL OUT! Decompression Tips for New Dogs

Reducing Aggression: “Engage/Disengage” Game


Understanding Feline Body Language

Understanding Dog Body Language


Lost Pet

Did you know 1 in 3 pets will go missing in their lifetime? We’re partnering with Petco Love Lost to help pets reunite with their families. Petco Love Lost is a free, easy-to-use national resource, using patented pet facial recognition technology to make it easier than ever to find possible matches for lost and found pets. Join us, and let’s unite to reunite at

Low-Cost and Free Pet Medical Assistance 

Animal Humane Vet Center- 

Access Vet Care 

Minneapolis Animal Care and Control – monthly low-cost or free vaccinations and microchip clinics

Mission Animal Hospital


The Street Dog Coalition – The Street Dog Coalition provides free medical care and related services to pets of people experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness.

ValuCare Vet

VetCo – Low-cost vaccines at Petco

Vet Partners Cares

VeTouch –  is a volunteer-based, non-profit veterinary student club that hosts a monthly vaccine clinic for pets of Twin Cities residents receiving low/no income or experiencing houselessness.



Financial Help for Pet Owners

Minnesota Animal Humane Society – Veterinary assistance grant program

Animal Care Foundation – For residents of Hennepin, Anoka, Dakota and Washington Counties.

Red Rover – Urgent Care Grants

The Pet Fund

Fur Keeps Program (Carver Scott Humane Society)

Brown Dog Foundation

Care Credit

Waggle – A resource to help pay for emergency pet care

Financial Assistance pdf_1

Pet Feeding Assistance and Crisis Pet Services

People and Pets Together

Find your local food shelf by contacting United Way

Pet-Friendly Housing Support

My Pit Bull is Family Database



Rent Cafe Pet Friendly Apartments

Pet-Friendly Apartments in Minneapolis

Pet-Friendly Apartments in St. Paul

Renting with Pets Guide to Finding Housing

Dog Training and Behavior Resources

Vet Partners Care: contact Kallie Fowler at 763-337-4433 or email

Dogs of a Good Society

Canine Coach

Giffy Dog

Peace Of Mind Dog Training

Paws Abilities Dog Training

Follow Me Dogs

True Loyalty

Canine Coach

Brian Munro Dog Training

Animal Humane Society’s Pet Helpline: 952-HELP-PET (952-435-7738)

Temporary Foster Care

While Pet Haven does not provide temporary foster care for cats or dogs, we can provide support and surrender-prevention services. 

Vicki’s Pet Services provides long-term dog boarding at very reasonable rates and is located in North Branch.

Safe Place for Pets – On-site and off-site housing for people and pets who need a safe escape from domestic violence

MN Day One – Call a Day One network advocate to learn more about pet safety during your stay at a shelter or safe housing at 1.866.223.1111.


Surrendering your animal is never an easy decision and should be well thought out. We are here to help. 

Learn more about Pet Haven’s Owner Surrender process

Other options to Pet Haven:

Animal Humane Society: 952-HELP-PET (952-435-7738)

Minneapolis Animal Care and Control: 612-673-MACC (6222)

St. Paul Animal Control– 651-266-1120

Feline Rescue: Minnesota-based companion cat rescue organization

Bloomington Animal Control 952- 563-4942

Pets Under Police Security Maple Grove 763- 494-5999

Dog Lovers Digest – List of Minnesota Rescues and Shelters

Rehoming Your Pet Services 

Adopt a Pet  is an online platform for pet owners to safely rehome their pets themselves. We strongly recommend doing a home visit and veterinary reference. Remember this is your family member you are rehoming. They are depending on you to make sure they are safe. We also suggest asking for an adoption donation that you can donate to a rescue of your choice. Offering pets up for “FREE” is always risky.

Home to Home – Home To Home™ is an interactive platform created to help families, people, and pets with the difficult task of transitioning pets from one home to another. Oftentimes pets are taken to shelters when keeping a pet is no longer a possibility. Home To Home™ believes that pets should avoid a stay in an animal shelter and should instead be welcomed into loving homes.