Volunteer Spotlight: Ryan

Imagine this: one dozen dogs, all from different backgrounds. One dozen people, hoping this is the lucky day the dog they brought will be meeting their forever home. One dozen potential adopters, filtering in and out of the area, anxiously hoping to meet their next furry family member. Several dozen shoppers, picking up cat litter … Continued

Gypsy Frizmo, the Therapy Dog

I was adopted on June 9, 2013 by my forever family, my mommy, daddy, sister and brother. My name was Celia when they adopted me, but they decided to change my name to Gypsy Frizmo. My family is very active in the community and they run a small business and help run a very large … Continued

Cynthia- Volunteer Spotlight

For years the Pet Haven cat and dog divisions struggled with one huge problem: we have supplies, but how do we get them to the foster homes in an efficient way? We tried many methods but nothing stuck. That is until Cynthia and her team of supplies volunteers came on board. Cynthia joined Pet Haven … Continued

Phoenix Fund

Support The Phoenix Fund Since 1952, Pet Haven has been a pioneer in creating a refuge for difficult-to-adopt animals in need of loving Minnesota homes.  In the last 6 years, we have been grateful to raise more than $465,000 for rescue-related veterinary expenses. Realizing that nearly half is spent on life-saving services for special needs … Continued