Henry Ford – A Ride of a Lifetime!

        On a cold winter day in January, A 5-month-old kitten was looking for a warm place to curl up, rest and find safety. He found this by crawling up into the warm engine of a Ford Sedan. Unbeknownst to the owners of the car, he traveled from Farmington to Bloomington inside … Continued

Choose Pet Haven at Amazon Smile!

Stuck inside and shopping from home? Make sure that you choose Pet Haven as your charity of choice at Amazon Smile and a portion of each of your purchases will be automatically donated to Pet Haven! It’s a simple way to way to help animals during these really difficult times! Just look below to see … Continued

Pets and COVID-19: Some Helpful Information

      Pet Haven is taking all the precautionary measures possible to keep our foster animals, volunteers, and community safe during this time. We will continue to monitor the presence of COVID 19 in our community and plan for any possible actions needed based on information from credible sources such as the Center for … Continued

Loss and Love: Charcoal’s Story

      Love comes in many shades. It’s not black or white. It’s often gray. When someone we love leaves our lives it can be devastating. Our world shatters and we can find ourselves completely lost. This was the case for Charcoal. He and his person had lived together since he was a wee … Continued

February Adoptions to Celebrate!

Congratulations to the 42 Pet Haven animals that found their forever home this month! Dogs adopted in February: Crispin, Luna, Iris,  Maya, Balto, Harley, Nova, Paige, Lucy, Winston, Ramona,  Kaiya There were 30 cat adoptions this month, including Tuxi, Nugget, Jody, Inky, Adrian, Vienna, Jelly Bean, Bridget, Indigo, Indi, Viggo, Joe, Niko, Archie, Twinkle Toes, … Continued