Volunteer Spotlight: Tara

  Our Meet and Greet events can be chaotic, with excited potential adopters coming to visit their next possible fur-family-member, and foster parents nervously waiting to see if anyone has come to meet their foster puppers. One of the roles we recently put into place to help welcome brand new foster parents and show them … Continued

Volunteer Spotlight: Laura

  Laura Briggs is a longtime volunteer, board member, foster, and all-around furbulous supporter of Pet Haven’s animals. She’s currently working to expand Pet Haven’s spay/neuter initiative by building partnerships and telling the story of our commitment to ending pet overpopulation. She’s also a champion of Pet Haven at her employer, where she regularly recruits … Continued

Volunteer Spotlight: Beth

We understand that jumping into the new experience of fostering can be an emotional – or at least confusing – experience for our foster home volunteers, so we have implemented a few volunteer positions to help ease this transition. In addition to an amazing new foster onboarding team, once a foster home is approved and … Continued

Q and Ember: Best Friends

  When we decided to have a second human baby, we knew we wanted a second dog as well for our black lab to play with.  Ember only has one eye and although she runs around like any other lab, she’s more likely to play with a puppy or small dog where she can occasionally … Continued

Ollie: Making a difference at the county jail

I had dreamt about having my first dog for years, and those dreams became a reality in January of 2017. I stayed with a friend, who is a foster for Pet Haven, at the time she was fostering a sweet, year old, mixed breed male named King (now known as Ollie). I instantly fell in … Continued

Volunteer Spotlight: Karen

One common question we get from new fosters is: “what happens if I go on vacation?” It’s a great question and one that we have a solution for! We have an entire team of “respite foster home” volunteers; folks who have signed up to take in foster dogs on a short term basis, while the … Continued