October Adoptions to Celebrate!

Congratulations to the 78 Pet Haven Pets that found a warm loving home in October! 17 Dashing Dogs:  Ernie, Rory, Mocho Jo nka Hiro, Jack & Bear (bonded pair), Sanjay, Jasper, Higgins, Pretzel, Nalu, Beethoven, Sophie, Diamond, Vinny, Sherry, Sonic, and Norman! 61 Cuddly Cats:   Maple, Ursula, Kate, Pumpkin, Fire, Fig, Allen, Fern, Charlie, Chantilly, … Continued

Pet Haven’s Pawgress Report (November 2021)

Dog Owner Surrender Coordinators **Immediate Important Need**  The OS/Return Coordinator – This is an important and rewarding role where you truly help people and pets in crisis. The Dog Division is responsible for responding, coordinating, and processing dogs who are surrendered by their owner or returned to Pet Haven. The OS/Return Coordinator reviews and assesses … Continued

September Adoptions to Celebrate!

  Congratulations to the 70 Pets who found forever families in September! 49 Cats: Bug, Mercedes, Sherman, Shadow, Chui, Sesame, Max, Ella, Scar Stella, Nova, Luna, Cosmo, Salem, Mr. Business, Lizzy, Hudson, Ocean, Mu, Sky, Alhana, Loki Jasmine, Dude, Gary, Bill, Gabriel, Creamsicle, Sherbert, Markie, Hermione, Rom, Indie, Greta, Tigger Leon, Mousa, Nala, Cody Bluebell, … Continued

Making a Difference Through Partnerships

As the October RLRR clinic came to a close we are grateful to be part of a commuity caring for the wellbeing of its pets. We are also thankful for our long standing partnership with Red Lake Rosies Rescue who has been working with the community to offer resources for pets when there were none. … Continued

Pet Haven’s Pawgress Report (October 2021)

Events Coordinator Lead Events Operations from planning to promotion to execution. Continuously open to suggestions from volunteers and brainstorming new locations/events ideas for Pet Haven fundraising out into the community. Ensure each scheduled event has adequate volunteer staffing. Be the face of Pet Haven to interested event partners, including completing any follow up communication. Estimated … Continued