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So many Pet Haven animals arrive neglected, unhealthy, and in need of necessary—and often expensive—medical care.

Too often animals are abused, malnourished, poorly bred, and neglected. Since these animals deserve their chance to find a loving home, we are committed to helping them. Our Phoenix Fund is dedicated to rehabilitating and mending broken bones, curing illnesses, and restoring health to animals in need.


Your support saves lives.


Phoenix came from a hoarding situation before he was hit by a car and found clinging to life on the side of the road. He had a broken leg, lacerations all over his face, mange, ear infections, and was severely malnourished. Worst of all, he was terrified of everyone he met.

After over 9 months of physical and emotional rehab in Pet Haven foster care, Phoenix rose from the ashes of his former life and embraced the second chance he was given. He now lives happy and healthy in a Twin Cities home with another Pet Haven dog who is his best pal.


Phoenix - a happy ending for a special needs case
Phoenix transformed


In her 18 months of life, Tillie had been in a shelter for 12. TWELVE. Completely overstimulated by the shelter, she shut down. She didn’t want to eat. She didn’t want to interact.  And when she finally came to Pet Haven, we found that she had an ACL injury which resulted in more than $3,000 of vet bills.  The “$10 for Tillie” campaign was a huge success, and Tillie is on the mend and ready for her new home.



Saved from a hoarder house, Sally is enjoying her new lease on life after undergoing extensive dental work.

Sally in her new home


The filth poor Sally lived in prior to Pet Haven.