The Phoenix Fund

Since 1952, Pet Haven has been a pioneer in creating a refuge for Special Needs animals in need of loving homes. In the last 5 years, we have been grateful to raise more than $465,000 for rescue-related veterinary expenses. Realizing that nearly half is spent on life-saving services for Special Needs Pets, and inspired by a heroic and sweet German Shepherd, we created The Phoenix Fund, dedicated to supporting the recovery and health of animals most in need of medical care.

On a 17-degree winter day, a Minnesota shelter received a call about a white German Shepherd who lay dying on the side of the road. The shelter, ill-equipped to care for the animal, contacted Pet Haven for help. We didn’t hesitate.

The nameless abandoned dog came to us with a broken leg, severe mange, double ear infection, road rash, multiple lacerations, and weighed in at a heartbreaking 40 pounds. We named this gaunt, yet gallant gent Phoenix, in honor of the mythological bird who was given new life and rose from the ashes. We’re proud to report, not only did Phoenix heal physically, he came to accept the kindness of his caregivers and learned to trust people.

8 months later, he was welcomed into his new family as a happy and healthy angel of a dog.


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A Life Impacted by Your Support – Meet Rusty


Our Phoenix Fund program allows us to take in special needs animals who need extra medical care like Rusty. Rusty is a sweet 10-year-old pug whose owner found themselves faced with having to surrender him. A decision like this does not come easy, but his owner knew they could no longer provide the care Rusty needed. They reached out to Pet Haven because they knew he would be in good hands. We promised to take good care of him and we did just that!

We knew that he had issues in the past with his urinary tract and was on a special diet to address this.

What we didn’t know is how dire his medical situation was.

After being with us for less than a day, he was rushed off to the vet after urinating blood.

Here is the rundown we got:
• Urethral stone
• Umbilical hernia
• Underweight
• Periodontal disease, AVDC stage 4
• Urolithiasis

Rusty had at least seven stones in his bladder and urethra – the vet couldn’t count them all! OUCH!

Rusty’s medical care was $3,077.03, and his adoption fee w $130.00.

This is a HUGE gap between the cost of needed medical care and in what we recover in adoption fees. This is why the Phoenix fund is so important to Pet Haven and the animals we care for.

Because we have the Pheonix fund he was able to quickly undergo life-saving surgery and has fully recovered and has found his forever family. We are so happy Rusty came into our care and that we were able to give him what he needed to be a healthy, happy little dude.

The Phoenix Fund Saves Lives. Any gift of support is a chance at a new life. Thank you for considering a contribution to the Pet Haven Phoenix Fund! Thank you for helping to save Rusty!

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