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Community Adoptions

Home To Home™ is a rehoming website for owners who need to surrender their pets, which can include dogs, cats, and other animals. Those needing to rehome pets easily register and fill out a brief profile, upload a picture and information on their pet, and hit submit.
For those seeking a pet, there is a search feature.
Home ToHome™ is free to use; however, there are some rules to the site, such as no money is allowed to exchange hands. Re-homing fees don’t lead to better outcomes for pets, but quality communications will.
In addition to rehoming, Home To Home™ offers a temporary foster option. This foster network directly connects pet owners who are seeking temporary housing for their pet with individuals who can open up their homes and hearts to provide short-term care until the pet can be reunited with its family. Pet Haven receives many calls every month for help with temporary foster care. Unfortunately, we do not have a program yet to help with temporary frosting needs but Home To Homedoes.
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There has been a steady increase in owner surrenders, and we have seen the immense stress people are under when they need to surrender their dogs or cats to us. And as much as we like to think our rescue is a happy place, change can be stressful for animals. The number one reason for surrendering pets is an unavoidable change in living situations. A perfect opportunity to use the Home To Home™ tool would be within the time frame of finding out relocation is necessary and the actual moving date.

How the process works is pet owners who are faced with the difficult decision of needing to rehome their pets register and upload a pet profile on our Home To Home platform.  Once their submission is approved by a Pet Haven administrator, it is published on our Home To Home page. Pet owners and interested adopters will communicate directly with each other to facilitate the adoption process.

*We strongly recommend owners vet adopters and complete a home visit  to make sure their pet will be in a safe home that matches the needs of the pet.*

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*It is the responsibility of current owners to disclose any bite history and accurate health/behavior information to potential adopters. Rehoming platforms connect people looking to rehome their pets with interested adopters. The pets featured are not animals at Pet Haven and require direct communication with their caregivers through the platform itself. It is the responsibility of the individuals who express interest in a particular pet listed on these pages to obtain and verify information about the pet’s medical, behavior, and bite history. All information contained in the pets’ description page has been provided by their caregiver.

*Pet Haven does not verify the accuracy of the information provided.