October Adoptions To Celebrate!

53 Adorable Foster Pets Found Loving Homes in October!   41 Charismatic Cats found forever homes in October: Jersey, Tucker, Snowball, Taurus, Milo, Peter Pan, Meeko, Ronnie, Santana, Sassafras, Enya, Ellington, Elvis, Elton, Valentino, Spring, Sally, Marcus, Oscar, Odessa, Odette, Ode, Prince, Mister, Winston, Luna, George nka Loki, Eliza, Mulligan, Neca, Lulu, Jasper, Aiden Jacks, … Continued

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September Adoptions to Celebrate!

  82 Fabulous Foster Pets Found Loving Homes!  69 Felines Found Forever Homes in September Maui, Mike, Latte, Pumpkin, Thomas, Evona, Peggy nka Minnie, Olaf, Sven, Lenny, Kim, Bugsy, Lady, Crickett, Mantis, Lilac, Bubba nka Henry, Lydia, Bran, Janelle, Adam, Twilight, Hoban, Randal, Penelope, Karma, Patches, Dale, Barbara, Willow, Hestia, Helios, Hermione, Hera, Hades, Helen, … Continued

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August Adoptions to Celebrate!

Whoa– in August, 65 cats and 18 dogs in Pet Haven care found their forever homes! Thank you to the 83 families who opened their hearts and homes to a new furry family member.  

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July Adoptions to Celebrate!

Adoptions Galore! Pet Haven is so incredibly grateful for all the adoptions we have had. 77 adoptions in July! 49 Fabulous Felines: Picasso, Storm, Peaches, Kiwi, Pepper, Otis, Moonbeam, Remi, Walle, Edith, Eggo, Prim, Luigi, Zach, Zane, Penny, Leonard, Emmett, Orleans, Robby, Virgil, Valerie, Ellie, Hannah, Horacio, Marvel, Feather, Hammy, Vern, Egbert, Echo, Mouse, Caffrey, … Continued

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June Adoptions to Celebrate!

We had another incredible record-breaking month of adoptions in June! Congratulations to the 81 Pet Haven Pets that found their forever families! We are so thrilled to be part of something joyful and helping families to grow! 55 Felines found forever families: Geno, Rusty, Gigi, Pierre, Ferb, Hooch, Charlene, Mackenzie, Saffron, Meegan, Lucy, Onyx, Bryon, … Continued

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May Adoptions to Celebrate!

Congratulations to our “record breaking” 72 pets that have found their forever homes and the families that made it happen! 52 Fabulous Felines 20 Dashing Doggos!   Thank you to everyone who opened up their homes to these sweethearts in need!  

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