The Rainbow Fund

Pet Haven’s Rainbow Fund seeks to honor the cats and dogs in our care that are in hospice or have crossed the rainbow bridge. Often, these animals are the least acknowledged while having some of the highest costs due to long-term and emergency care. Just a few of their stories are below. Consider honoring a pet who has passed by donating to the Rainbow Fund. To learn more click HERE

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At 15 years old, she was found as a stray and brought to a local impound. The staff there noted a pot belly appearance and pink-tinged urine and put out an urgent plea for a foster home to address her medical needs.
She waited for three weeks with no hope in sight of rescue placement. Until one of our fosters stepped forward and asked if we could help.
We took her in knowing she had at least one medical concern but we discovered she had many. Throughout her stay with us, we made a plan to move through each of her medical needs. She underwent ear infection treatment and bladder stone surgery right away but she also had mammary masses, collapsing trachea, severe dental disease, and arthritis. An ultrasound indicated potential Cushing’s disease as well.
As we continued to make plans for tackling Okakopa’s health concerns, she started having recurring bladder stones even with recent surgery and a urinary food diet. Along with this and her many other medical needs, and after consulting with four different vets, we decided the kindest decision was to let this little girl go when she was ready.
Okakopa was still in high spirits, on a pain management plan, and enjoying her day-to-day activities. But once her body started failing, we knew it was time to say goodbye.
On February 16th 2024, Okakopa left peacefully in the warmth of a home with the arms of her fosters around her.
Her fosters say she was spunky, loving, dramatic, cute, and funny. A little girl with a big personality. They took on her medical care without a second thought.
Instead of being a number in a shelter kennel in her last months, she was wrapped in the embrace of people who loved her.
And in the end, that’s all that really matters.
At Pet Haven, through the Rainbow Fund and the generosity of donors, we are able to offer a loving, compassionate in home end of life for our foster pets in hospice care.
Run free and rest easy, Okakopa girl.

Okakopa will continue to be memorialized within our Rainbow Fund Program, honoring those who have changed our hearts forever.

Her medical expenses will exceed $3,568.57.




Kitts- Loved and Cherished

Kitts arrived in Pet Haven’s care on 2/10/2022 through our owner surrender program. Her owner was losing their housing and had Pet Haven and our loving Forster not stepped up to take this 19-year-old gal, she would have spent her last days in a municipal shelter. Kitts crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 3/5/2022. She was 19 years old. She left this world in love. To read more about Kitts and the others please click HERE


Well Loved Lucy

Lucy, age 5 years 2 months, arrived in Pet Haven’s care. She was left at a municipal impound and we couldn’t bear the thought of her being alone and sick, so we brought her into care and gave her a fighting chance. Unfortunately, she was just too sick to fight anymore and crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on 3/5/2022. Lucy was only with us for a short time but made a big impact on all our hearts.

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