Dog Foster Application

Dog Foster Application

  • An important message before you begin the application

    We are thrilled you are considering opening your home to an animal in need! Introducing people to the rewarding experience of fostering is so exciting for us. However we want to give you a realistic idea of what it takes to foster. Many of our foster animals have been in a kennel in a shelter for weeks or months, so they may not be housebroken or litter-box trained. Even animals who are housebroken often have accidents for a week or so when adjusting to a new home/schedule/people.
  • To help an animal transition into a new home:

    Our foster mentors provide new fosters with tons of advice and training tips to help integrate new foster dogs and cats into homes. Pet Haven is here for you when you are in the early days of fostering and we will support you every step of the way. We don’t always have a history or much information about the dogs and cats we take in. For instance, people ask if a dog is friendly with cats or children; others ask if a cat will get along with other cats. While we can do our best to do a temperament test in a shelter environment, tests don’t provide 100% accurate information. For this reason, we require fosters to do slow introductions for all animals in their new foster home. This is for the benefit for the fosters, their own animals, and our foster animals.
  • If for some reason the foster animal is not working out in your home:

    We ask that you keep him/her until a new foster can be found. We are a foster-based organization, so don't have the capability to take the animal back on a moment's notice. The only exception is if there are severe aggression issues and your family is being put at risk. It can take 1 day or several weeks or more to find a new foster. Ideally, an animal will stay in one foster home from intake to adoption. For that reason, we ask that you use our help and support to keep working with your foster even when challenges arise. Our foster mentors have tips and tricks for many common behavioral issues and are happy to help you work through challenges with your foster. We also have a foster manual for you to reference with common questions and support. As you can imagine, fostering has incredible rewards and joys. It also has potential challenges and we want to make sure your expectations are realistic. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at We look forward to receiving your foster application and welcoming you aboard!
  • Ready to foster? Please answer the following questions:

  • Our animals often come straight from shelters and need time to decompress before being integrated into your family! We are looking for fosters who are committed and have the ability to making it work, even if that means more work in the beginning.
  • We understand that thinking about fostering and actually fostering are much different - some people love it and get hooked, and others decide it is not for them. Thank you for realizing that you have committed to your current foster and will keep him/her through adoption.
  • Many of our animals come straight from shelters and we have no idea if they are house trained or not, and its very common even for house-trained pets to have accidents in a new environment. Thank you for committing to work with your foster animal on potty training! Our Foster Mentors are here to help!
  • Many of our dogs come straight from shelters and we have no idea if they are crate trained or not. Thank you for committing to work with your foster animal on crate training and separation anxiety!
  • Shelters animals often have minor medical issues pop up. Our job is to assist you in getting them healthy and adoptable! We appreciate your commitment to your foster animal!
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  • Please note: you must live in the Twin Cities area to foster a Pet Haven animal
    (You must be 18 years old to foster.)
  • Foster animals require vet visits and home visits, so reliable transportation is a must.
  • About Your Household

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  • Please check all that apply
  • (Pet Haven requires a copy of your lease before you are approved to foster. Your landlord’s policies must allow pets. Because of the nature of rescue, we cannot know whether or not a foster animal would be appropriate for an Emotional Support Animal.)
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  • Please note the ages of all adults and children
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  • (Breed/gender/ages/energy levels):
  • If so, please tell us a bit about how they get along with other animals.
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  • (previous ownership, training, etc...)
  • Our volunteer Foster Coordinators will review your application and be in touch via email within 48 - 72 hours. Be sure to check your junk mail if you have not received a response!

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