Bridge the Gap: The Cost of Saving Lives

Bridge the Gap: The Cost of Saving Lives

The work we do is important. It is rewarding. It is emotional. 

Above all, it is fragile. We are not immune to the rising costs in our world, and we need help. 

Many rescues are on intake hold, and some have closed down altogether. Larger shelters are scaling back; municipalities are having to make difficult choices and turn pets away due to overcapacity

Pet Haven has made the painstaking decision to go on an intake hold, starting June 12th. Until we can Bridge The Gap between rising costs in care and funds, we must pause. 

At Pet Haven, we are working hard to Bridge the Gap and provide as many safe places to land as possible, but we can’t do it much longer without help. 

Pet Haven continues to open our arms and say yes to as many pets as possible who need us. This year alone, we have increased our intake by nearly 15% over last year. We have never had this many animals in care and it comes at a cost. 

Bridge The Gap Now


What Does Bridge the Gap Mean?

Between January and May 2024, Pet Haven’s animal care costs were $174,065.46, but our adoption fees raised only $87,766.02.

This translates to a $86,299.44 gap that we need to cover to continue caring for Minnesota pets who need our help. We rely on help from our community. Our family.

Animals like Franklin, Michael Blue, Moxie, and Oka- were given a second chance because of Pet Haven. Animals whose alternatives were grim- Pet Haven was there one shot, and we said “Yes!”

Bridge The Gap Now


Why help?

Because Minnesota Pets and People desperately need us. 

We often hear that Pet Haven was the only rescue that stepped up to help a pet owner, the only rescue that took that senior or medical needs pet from a shelter, and the only rescue that answered the phone. 

We always answer the phone. 

We know that this is a tall order- we know the number is big. But it’s time to be transparent. We do our best to focus on the joy of this work- but sometimes there is no sugar coating it. Help us bridge this gap- hundreds of lives look to us each day to ensure they are still safe. Help us keep them safe.

Bridge The Gap Now