We Need Your Help More Than Ever

Pet Haven continues to open our arms and say yes to as many pets as we can that need us. But it’s getting much more difficult. We need your help to bridge the gap.

What Does Bridge the Gap Mean?

Between January and March 2023, Pet Haven’s animal care costs were nearly $97,000, but our adoption fees raised just $60,000.

This translates to a $37,000 gap we need to cover to continue caring for Minnesota pets that need our help.

We often hear Pet Haven is the only rescue that stepped up to help a pet owner. Help us keep our arms open by bridging the gap so we can continue saying “YES” to pets and people that need us so desperately.

Donate to Bridge the Gap


How Does Your Donation Make an Impact?

Supporting Minnesota Pet Shelters

Pet Haven supports our Minnesota shelters that are closed or overflowing.

Some shelters are closed, and many are over-capacity. To support our Minnesota shelter partners, Pet Haven has transferred nearly 200 dogs and cats from urban and rural Minnesota shelters into our foster program this year. We saw a 23% increase in pets we brought into foster care in 2022. See our intake numbers and 2022 overview.

Owner Surrender

Pet Haven provides life-saving options to pet owners that need to surrender their pets.

Many pet owners have NO options to surrender to a local shelter- either the wait list is too long or their city/county doesn’t operate a shelter. Pet Haven has welcomed nearly 100 dogs and cats surrendered by their owners this year.


Pet Haven Surgery Suite

Pet Haven is investing in a surgery suite at our new facility because veterinary costs are rising.

Veterinarians are increasing their rates and having difficulty finding staff. Pet Haven is building a surgery suite and providing wellness clinics at our new facility in St. Paul for our foster animals. Reducing our vet expenses can bring more animals into our foster care program.


Animals in Medical Crises

Pet Haven cares for animals in medical crises – the most vulnerable who need our help.

Our foster cats and dogs are often sick or injured, or were previously neglected. Pet Haven is there for them all, providing medical care, safe homes, and a second chance.



Help us make an impact and continue to say “YES” to these pets that need us so desperately.

Donate to Bridge the Gap