A Home for Hector

A Home for Hector

Hector has a new job – he is the official office assistant!

This lucky boy now has a mom, dad and two little boys to enjoy and play games with.

Hector came to Pet Haven a little over a year ago. It was a frigid night and he had travelled most of the day from a reservation in the Dakotas. Hector had been a mostly outside fellow and hadn’t had regular meals. He had contracted a flea borne disease and was seriously anemic but soon on the mend with the proper medications.

He moved from one foster home, where he had gotten his feet under him and learned to play, to another foster home where he spent most of his time. He trained the new kitten the owner adopted to play and use the scratching post.

The foster learned he was a chatty boy who greeted guests at the door and was always happy to meet someone new. He could be picked up and held and loved watching the world pass by outside the window – much better to be warm!

Good fortune found Hector when his new family found him!

Thank you to all of our adopters for giving a rescued pet a forever home!