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A month full of “special needs”

It’s been an incredibly expensive month of veterinary bills for Pet Haven, and while we’re  overjoyed when  animal’s in our care receive healing care and restored health, it’s a strain on our resources nonetheless.  In the animal rescue world, we’re constantly asked to attach a value to an animal’s life~ is it worth spending $2000 … Continued

New Beginnings

Often we imagine starting over – a new job, new home, healthier lifestyle, new friends. The cats and dogs we rescue are given a new beginning. Did they imagine one?  Were they hopeful things could change? Probably not. Certainly, as a rescue organization and with our supporters we look into the future for them – … Continued

3 Tips to Finding Rentals With Your Pet

By Jennifer Riner, Zillow Finding a new apartment can be a complicated process, and the hunt is substantially more challenging when searching for rentals that accept pets. Prospective tenants with furry friends in tow should prepare for associated fees and regulations beyond the standard lease agreement. To properly prepare for a rental search with a … Continued

Proud to be Pet Haven

  First of all, I have to say we ADORE our new pup.  She is the perfect addition to our family, and we are so happy with everything that has happened with the adoption.  Now, we know that Pet Haven can’t take credit for how awesome our dog is, but here is why we would … Continued

Homer is Home for the Holidays!

  Oh Homer. You came into our home a little shy but mostly unscathed from whatever your life was before you entered our lives. And in the weeks following your arrival, your true terrier nature came out. You run outside when I try to feed you, you can get onto the kitchen counter and chew … Continued

In remembrance of Penny

  “Remember there is no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.” – Scott Adams In August of this year we received a phone call from partner shelter, Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue. They had a 16 year old pit bull surrendered and they needed to … Continued