Category: Happy Tails

Category: Happy Tails

Gypsy Frizmo, the Therapy Dog

I was adopted on June 9, 2013 by my forever family, my mommy, daddy, sister and brother. My name was Celia when they adopted me, but they decided to change my name to Gypsy Frizmo. My family is very active in the community and they run a small business and help run a very large … Continued

Phoenix Fund

Support The Phoenix Fund Since 1952, Pet Haven has been a pioneer in creating a refuge for difficult-to-adopt animals in need of loving Minnesota homes.  In the last 6 years, we have been grateful to raise more than $465,000 for rescue-related veterinary expenses. Realizing that nearly half is spent on life-saving services for special needs … Continued

Bailey and her tennis balls

First, and most important of all, Bailey has led a very healthy life.  Her ears that hang down with heavy covering of fur have made her susceptible to ear infections.  Over the years she has had several incidents of infections, but they were all easily cleared up with some drops.  Other than that she gets … Continued

James Blake finds love in his new home

This is Miguel, father of James Blake, a little black kitten I adopted from Pet Haven a few months ago. James turned 5 months old a few days ago and it shows — his hair has fully grown in, he’s eating all his food and he has enough energy to power a locomotive. Seriously — … Continued

Aggie is a mystery. What happened to her?

Aggie is a mystery.   Sometimes we wish we knew the stories behind the cats and dogs who come to us but only rarely do we get a glimpse into their former lives.   Aggie is a girl of ‘an uncertain’ age – she wouldn’t have any problem with joining the seniors in a kitty … Continued

Lizzie enjoying the good life

      Lizzie is a absolute joy!  She and my 8 year old cat, Jamie, play and chase each other.   Lizzie loves to cuddle.  There are lots of toys for her to play with including her favorite the soft balls which she can chase or carry in her mouth.  Lizzie has the full run … Continued