Category: Happy Tails

Category: Happy Tails

Pet Haven May 2022 Pawgress Report

URGENT VOLUNTEER ROLES! Dog Foster Mentors – *Urgent Need* We are building up the Dog Division and looking for fosters who would like move into helping other fosters navigate our process and support them. This is a really helpful role! The Dog Division is growing and we need people who are dog crazy and enjoy … Continued

May Adoptions to Celebrate!

    77 Pets found the purr-fect match in May! Congratulations to the following 51 cats who were adopted in May: Yoshi, Sydney, Cassie, Fuji, Cupid, Vinegar, Big Boy, Bear Bear, Vinny, Willow, Enoki, Oliver, Winston, Mrs. Nibbs, Albus, Pepper, Piper, Tink, Bell, Clover, Furby, Bobbi, Speckles, Harriet Potter, Theo, Tilly, Louise, Tommy, Cuyuna, Elm, … Continued

April Adoptions to Celebrate!

    71 families were made in April. Something to celebrate!!   Congratulations to the following 53 cats who found their forever homes in April and thank you to the fosters of:  Tiger, Fifer, Charlie, Louise, Baby Kitty, Juicy, Cleocatra, Ty, Kiwi, Togo, Midnight, Sprinkles, Taura, Pizza Cat, Tiny Tim, Autumn, Amber, Roman, Gerry, Peppercorn, Elsa, … Continued

March Adoptions to Celebrate!

Congratulations to the 60 Pet Haven Pets that found a loving family in March! We are so excited for them to start their journey into a new life with families that will cherish and value them for the rest of their lives! What lucky pups and meowzers! 15 dogs were adopted in March! Thank you … Continued

Bringing a New Foster or Adopted Dog Home – Safety Tips

  DOGS IN TRANSITION ARE ALWAYS A FLIGHT RISK From the time he leaves the familiar safety of his home or foster home until he has fully bonded with his new guardian, a dog is unsettled and more likely to run. The best way to protect your new family member is to give him time … Continued