Category: Happy Tails

Category: Happy Tails

Maison at home!

Check out this sweet happy tail from Maison’s adopter: “I’ve attached several photos of Maison so that you can choose (well, in reality, I’m that mom who has a million pictures of her boy because she thinks he’s the most beautiful boy in the world and couldn’t narrow it down!). You probably noticed that I’ve added … Continued

Piper is living the good life!

We love happy tails and were thrilled to hear from Piper’s new family: “Piper loves her humans so much that she will endeavor to be with them no matter what. We take lots of adventures together and she loves sticking her nose in the breeze. She jumps on our daughter’s bed for storytime every night … Continued

Tucker- 4 years later!

Tucker arrived to Pet Haven four years ago. Recently his adopters sent his foster mom a message: “I often recall our first meeting with Tucker at your house; I remember how he calmly walked over to me, sat down and planted a big wet kiss on me.  Rob and I knew from that moment we … Continued

Hank the Tank

It’s time for a Happy Tail… Meet Hank! Hank came from a local home (part of a larger Midwest network) that was actively breeding dogs for and engaging some of their dogs in illegal dog fighting activity. Last year, the amazing Minneapolis Police Department confiscated Hank and another male dog from this home. Hank came … Continued

Peebles and Olga

TWO of our furry friends not only found loving forever homes, they also walked away with a new title! Pebbles, the cat, (now Pepper) spent two YEARS sitting in the shelter. She loves seeking out small spaces to hunker down in so it was a match made in heaven when an adopter applied who lives … Continued