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Tag: dog

Petunia’s adventure

Laura, Petunia’s foster mom, gave us this account of the wild adventure that played out one recent evening in early April.  it is a cautionary tale to remind all those with a new dog how wiley they can be!         The escape:  It’s about 5:15 p.m., Petunia was spayed earlier in the … Continued

Wanted: an owner who wants to be active with their dog

Are you one of those people?  Maybe you’ve been looking for a jogging companion?  Or a dog who would love to walk with you a couple times a day?  A  dog who would be up for power walks?    Armor is a guy  who loves life! Sometimes his enthusiasm is hard to contain and he … Continued

A time for healing

Most of the cats and dogs Pet Haven takes in have been strays or neglected.  Many have not have had regular, if any, vet care and take time to recuperate in a foster home or have extra vet attention given to them, or just need time to feel warm and safe and become the wonderful … Continued

Busy days

Both the  cat and dog division have been fortunate to have found homes for some of their charges which opens up a foster home to take another one or two. These 4 kittens came in the latter part of last week. Trey and Tait, we think they are brothers.   Pepin came in separately, having … Continued

Misty girl, learning to love

Misty has had a rough start in life.  This young girl came to us from another shelter and is estimated to be about a year old.  She apparently lived with some dog aggressive dogs, including her mother, and has some scars which back that up.  On top of that, Misty did not have a lot … Continued


This  companionable boy is looking for a home with someone who has owned a dog before.  He thinks he  might like to be ‘boss’ of the pack (you, your family and him) but we know he will be one happier camper if you are the boss! He’s a cheerful fellow and loves lounging around, a … Continued