Peaches is a Peach of a Cat

Peaches is a Peach of a Cat

With Peaches we have yet another beautiful girl up for adoption.

Peaches is a dilute torti, she is mainly gray with some ‘peach’ coloring throughout her coat.

When Peaches came to us from another shelter and had a vet exam with Pet Haven it was determined that she needed to have some major dental work done. Along the roots of her teeth she had lots of infection and the only way to cure that is to pull the teeth and the roots.

Peaches was a good patient and took her pain meds after surgery and after a few weeks she is showing her great personality – she’s full of games, loves toys, plays with the 3 older kittens in her foster home, has learned that the pug is not going to hurt her and likes to come for attention from her foster family!

What does a toothless cat eat? Just what every other cat eats – hard or soft cat food.

Most vets are recommending that ALL cats eat soft food daily. It gives you some options if they should need medication down the road because some things can be hidden in canned food. It is also more like a ‘natural’ diet for the cat – think soft mouse bodies. Eating canned food provides another easy way to get your cat to drink more water too. Most cats do not drink as much as they should and plopping a sixth of a tuna sized can of canned in a bowl with a tablespoon or more of water around it, gets the cat to lick up all the water too.

Dry kibble is popular with many too and Peaches is no exception. She gets a serving of that twice a day also.

Peaches has short hair, is 4 paw declawed and we’ll get some better pictures soon – these do not show her pretty coloring very well.