The Gift of Sight – A Shar-Pei Named Rolo Gets a Second Chance

The Gift of Sight – A Shar-Pei Named Rolo Gets a Second Chance




Rolo, along with 4 other Shar-Pei companions, a bonded pair of adults, and two young pups a boy and a girl named Jade, was brought into Minneapolis Animal Care and Control on a cold day in December. The owner had died in the home and it was several days before the pups were found. Needless to say, they were thin and quite traumatized. The bonded pair found placement quickly as they were well socialized and would be easily put up in an adoption program. The male puppy also found quick placement as he was friendly and confident with people.


The four-month-old female pup Jade was scared, reactive, and undersocialized. She would require an experienced foster that could give her the socialization, training, and confidence she needed to be successful in a home. This was something Pet Haven could offer through our Foster Care Program so Jade was moved to Pet Haven shortly after she arrived at the shelter to start on her journey to a new life.

Rolo was another issue. He was extremely reactive and labeled “at large aggressive” and could not be adopted.

The shelter staff could not get near him but they understood he had experienced the trauma of being left alone with no to care for him.

They gave him time to settle in and see if the aggression would subside. After three weeks his behavior started to improve enough to be examined and it was discovered Rolo could see only shadows.

He had several medical challenges and was determined he had entropion. This is a condition where the eyelids roll inward and scratch his eyes making it difficult to see. Rolo could only see shadows thus leaving him scared and unsure of his surroundings. It was believed that being lost and nearly blind was causing fear, which was causing his aggression. He also had microphthalmia, a rare disorder that is congenital and affects the eyes size leaving them smaller than normal with possible visual impairment and there were coat issues that we hoped were from a poor diet but if not, would require specialist attention.

In short, Rolo would require intense medical treatment and costs that the shelter did not have the resources to address. This is where Pet Haven could help. As a result of our emergency medical fund, The Phoenix Fund, we were able to provide Rolo with the help he needed.

In late December we picked up Rolo and started his journey to find a forever family, a loving home through our foster care program.

Five weeks after arriving at the shelter, Rolo was transferred to his foster home. There he would receive the care, love, and attention he would need to recover from surgery and learn to trust that the world was not the scary place he thought it was. Rolo moved in with his foster Dad and awaited surgery.


On January 24th 6 weeks after arriving at the Shelter Rolo had surgery to correct his vision and it was a success. He could finally see clearly!

His foster Dad got Rolo ready for adoption showing him love, kindness and taking him out to meet the world so he could build trust again. The value of foster care programs are priceless and the lives these program impacts are vast.



Almost 4 months after arriving at Minneapolis Animal Care and Control Rolo was adopted into an incredibly loving home with two Dads and a brother. What a lucky guy!

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