Author: Kerry S

Author: Kerry S

Good News for a New Year!

Looking for some good news to start out 2020? Take a look at our 2019 Holiday Newsletter! Be sure to click on the mailer to view all 4 pages. We are proud of the work we do and want to share that with you. Enjoy and Happy New Year!  

December Adoptions to Celebrate!

Congratulations to the FIFTY foster kids who found their forever families in December!!! We are so grateful! The following 43 cats found homes in December: Electra, Dexter, Ms. Fig, Petunia, Eggo, King, Sega, Smurf, Jewel, Callie, Marshmallow, Opal, Nala, Cleo, Jackson, Cheddar, Colby, Blue, Winnie, Eggplant, Edamame, Autumn, English, Jonas, Snowball, Ellis, Cora, Roxie, Porky, … Continued

From Farm Feral to Forever Family

Liam and Fabio were found living on a farm. They both showed up at different times and were thought feral by the farm’s owners. They had become scared and skittish around humans. It was common for cats to show up on the farm. The owners would let them stay, give them food, water, and a … Continued

Rusty-A Home for the Holidays

Meet Rusty. This little dude will steal your heart…… Rusty is a sweet 10-year-old pug whose owner found themselves faced with having to surrender him. A decision like this does not come easy, but his owner knew they could no longer provide the care Rusty needed. They reached out to Pet Haven because they knew … Continued

November Adoptions to Celebrate!

  Congratulations to 54 kiddos that found their forever homes in November and 34 of those were cats! Meowza! Cats: Frisky, Winky, Jameson, Kooper, Karter, Beans, Jalopy, Jangle, Jaco, Jagger, Jordanna, Jillian, Fabio, Liam, Riley, Egypt, Eppie, Elisha, Egbert, Elly, Hutch, Winifred, Rosie, Ruthie, Patty, Dee Dee, Curtis, Shakira, Sammie, Mia, Mister, Bynx, Parker, and … Continued

Bernard’s Journey

Found hidden in their den with his three siblings, Bernard was hungry, thirsty, and dirty, but most of all scared. The puppies’ mom had been hit by a car so they retreated to the only safe place they knew. A hole in the ground. Getting the pups out was challenging and volunteers worked long after sunset. … Continued