Author: Kerry S

Author: Kerry S

Holy Cat Poop Get the Scoop!

Cats Pride, Downtown Dogs – Dog’s Day Out and Pet Haven Team Up to Help Cats in Need! The Power of YES!! Pet Haven receives a donation of 25,000 pounds of litter from Cats Pride, a street value of approximately $50,000 and Downtown Dogs goes to the Cats!! 1800 buckets of litter stored at Downtown Dogs   … Continued

August Adoptions to Celebrate!

Whoa– in August, 65 cats and 18 dogs in Pet Haven care found their forever homes! Thank you to the 83 families who opened their hearts and homes to a new furry family member.  

Adopting a Rescue Dog – The Pet Haven Promise

      Adopting a Rescue Dog is a rewarding and heartwarming experience. Giving a second chance to a dog who has none is truly a gift. We often do not know the background of the dogs that come to us and even if we do we still have to piece together the puzzle that … Continued

July Adoptions to Celebrate!

Adoptions Galore! Pet Haven is so incredibly grateful for all the adoptions we have had. 77 adoptions in July! 49 Fabulous Felines: Picasso, Storm, Peaches, Kiwi, Pepper, Otis, Moonbeam, Remi, Walle, Edith, Eggo, Prim, Luigi, Zach, Zane, Penny, Leonard, Emmett, Orleans, Robby, Virgil, Valerie, Ellie, Hannah, Horacio, Marvel, Feather, Hammy, Vern, Egbert, Echo, Mouse, Caffrey, … Continued

Finding Home- Match-Making for Nathan

As part of our commitment to opening our doors during COIVD and saying YES to pets in need, we expanded our reach to help rural shelters in Minnesota and Northern Iowa. In May we brought 86 cats into Pet Haven and Nathan was one of them. Nathan came up from a rural shelter in Iowa … Continued

We are All in This Together for Sylvia!

    The first 8 years of Sylvia’s life were not easy. She is a 70-pound German Shorthair Pointer who spent her life as a breeding dog and found her way to Pet Haven through one of our rural shelter partners in southern Minnesota close to the Iowa border. She was found as a stray … Continued