Get the Latest Pet Haven News – April Tail Mail Newletter

Get the Latest Pet Haven News – April Tail Mail Newletter

Let the Sun Shine!April is volunteer appreciation month and Pet Haven relies heavily on our volunteers.

Without them, we would not be able to manage the growth we have seen.

Without them, we would have to spend more money on administrative fees and not be able to contribute the resources we do directly to animal care.

Without them, we could not expand our reach to change more lives of pets and people for the better.

In just a few months we have been able to impact the lives of more pets and people than we ever have. I am so humbled by the dedication and determination our group of volunteers has for our mission.

Our volunteer base grows every day. I believe this is because we are transparent, stay true to our mission, and support our Pet Haven community.

Last year during Q1 we were able to help out 9 animal shelters and move 54 cats and dogs into our care. Thanks to the increase in the size of our strictly volunteer team, this year we were able to assist 16 shelters during Q1 removing 108 pets out of shelters. We also helped 47 owners in crisis through our owner surrender program, 7 pets were born in our care from homeless moms, and 45 pets came in from our Minnesota Reservation Partners. This is a total of 207 pets being placed in loving foster homes just in our first quarter. A 62% increase over last year!

As a supporter and part of the Pet Haven family, you can trust that your gifts and your time truly go to the foster pets in our care. Pets like Dobby and Cleo who need more time and resources. We are able to say “yes” because of your support and the support of our volunteers.

Thank you for your commitment to the organization. Thank you for your generosity. Thank you for helping to create a better life for the pets in our care. YOU are greatly appreciated!

Kerry D’Amato
Executive Director

Dobby Wins BIG! 

Remember Dobby the little 12-week old kitten that needed special medical attention and sparked our “Double Your Dollars for Dobby” campaign? We are happy to report Dobby is doing amazing. We also reached our goal and beyond!

How do you put a value on life?

We don’t think you can. But Dobby’s life was clearly valuable to many of you and for that, we are eternally grateful. His new brother thinks Dobby is

Your collective support brought  $21,860 in donations! Holy MEOW! Thank you to everyone that participated. Your gift went directly into our Phoenix Fund and will support our foster pets when in a medical crisis so we can say “YES” to the care they need without hesitation. This is truly a gift.

Thank you so much for your generosity.

Dobby and Monterey Jack thank you too!


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