Why Adopt a Dog from Pet Haven?

Why Adopt a Dog from Pet Haven?

Adopting a new dog or puppy is an exciting endeavor!

Looking to adopt a dog? There are all sorts of things to consider in making sure you find the right pup to fit your lifestyle and home. At Pet Haven, we are just as excited as you are and our team of professionals is here to support you in finding just the right dog.

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Why adopt a dog or puppy from Pet Haven?

  • We are professionals and have been in business since 1952, almost 70 years. Pet Haven was the first “foster-based” rescue in Minnesota and paved the way for all the others behind us.
  • We are foster-based meaning all our felines are in loving foster homes. Our fosters have an insider’s view of the dog’s personality, lifestyle, likes and dislikes, emotional and physical needs. This information helps you find just the right dog!
  • We offer pre-adoption and post-adoption support. Our pre-adoption support ensures you get the best dog for your lifestyle and needs. Our post-adoption support assists with any behavioral issues that may come up after adoption. We have a canine behavior consultant that will work with adopters to help with any challenges that may come up during the adjustment period.
  • High-quality medical care. All our pets receive the highest quality medical care available to us. We do not “cut corners” when it comes to the health and wellbeing of our canines. You benefit by knowing your new family member is healthy. Of course, there can always be the unknown, and health issues can come up after adoption which is out of our control but while the rescued pup is in our care they will receive any medical attention they need.
  • All dogs and puppies are microchipped. We register the chip to the adopter and also stay on as a secondary contact in the event the adopter is not available.
  • All dogs and puppies are fully vaccinated
  • All dogs and puppies are spayed and neutered
  • All dogs and puppies are tested for 4DX( This is a blood test that checks for four common diseases in dogs: Heartworm, plus three tick-borne diseases. Every dog should get a 4DX test during its annual exam)
  • Once a Pet Haven Pup Always a Pet Haven Pup – we accept returns (however we have an extremely low return rate due to our pre-adoption and post-adoption support)
  • The best part of all…..You become part of the Pet Haven Family!