Making a Difference Through Partnerships

Making a Difference Through Partnerships

As the October RLRR clinic came to a close we are grateful to be part of a commuity caring for the wellbeing of its pets. We are also thankful for our long standing partnership with Red Lake Rosies Rescue who has been working with the community to offer resources for pets when there were none.

The first day was very busy. We were very lucky with the weather the day before we had pouring rain and October clinics can bring snow however this day was glorious full of bright warm fall sun and cool air. We know what is coming though, cold, rain then snow, and freezing weather. We are hopeful we will be able to provide a warm foster home for those pets that need it and wellness, spay/neuter services for the ones who have families.

Seeing dogs and cats living outside, hunkering down in the rain makes us so glad we have been able to rescue so many over the years that are now curled up on a couch at home. October clinics are intensely bittersweet. Due to weather there will not be another clinic till Spring.

We brought up as many supplies as we could and  stuffed the van to pass out at the clinic for people that needed food. Resources are slim and anything we can do to to help is appreciated. We are happy to share resources.


Cats and a dogs that needed homes either strays or owners could no longer care for them were surrendered on the first day.

The dogs surrendered were good well-behaved dogs and will do really well in their adoptive homes.

Some cats surrendered were scared at first but realized they were safe.

Puppies and kittens came in on the second day.

Owner Surrender is an important service to be able to offer. Keeping pets safe and giving people options. Helping Pets and People are what we do best.


Owned pets were brought in on Saturday for spay-neuter services and prepped for transport to surgery. With our help, 27 dogs and 39 cats were altered at Petfixers in Bemidji. That dramatically reduces the unwanted litters in the area. Over the years there has been a shift to spay, neuter dogs but we are now seeing cats brought in which is a big shift and a much-appreicated one!

We provided wellness checks for 27 animals and provided vaccinations and basic vet care needed.

We hauled supplies up, arranged dog and cat supplies, handed things out to the community, and were great partners to those from the Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue. They are always impressed with how PH volunteers conduct themselves. No one shies away from cleaning a messy crate, interacting with community members, handling a dog or cat, and everyone is respectful and friendly. There is a reason why a clinic is successful even with a small group of people!
Red Lake Rosies can’t do these clinics without volunteers. Since 2015, Pet Haven has supplied the bulk of the volunteers at these. There are typically 3 clinics a year and we are honored to partner with Red Lake Rosies and contribute to the ongoing success of these events!
There are 100’s of volunteer hours that go into these events along with costs for medical supplies. If you would like to volunteer to help or donate to support upcoming clinics, every little bit helps us change more lives! Please consider a gift of time or donation in honor of Wellness Clinic. Any amount helps!