A Year in a Rural Shelter – A Dog Gets a Home for the Holidays!

A Year in a Rural Shelter – A Dog Gets a Home for the Holidays!


Changing the Life of a Minnesota Dog Waiting a Year For Someone to Free Him & Giving Hope to The Staff Caring for Him




With 70 years on the rescue landscape, we have learned to stay nimble and shift to help where the need is most.

We have seen a big shift in the Minnesota Shelter System over the past three years. Shelters are full even at times turning people away who need help. This has been challenging to cope with as a community and as an organization. Pet Haven has continued to assess the needs of Minnesota pets and the rescue landscape expanding our reach further to support our city municipals and underserved rural shelters.

Rural shelters are often suffering from overpopulation issues, few resources, and low adoptions. We see this at our city municipal shelters too. Many have been right in our backyard of the twin cities. Smaller city municipal shelters that have no adoption programs or rescue partners removing pets.

Often times the only option for a pet is to be claimed by an owner. If that doesn’t happen it’s tragic for everyone. Assisting these smaller less resourced shelters not only saves lives it helps reduce the stress and fatigue of the staff that begins to feel helpless and hopeless.

Brodie was one of these pets. The Southern Minnesota shelter cared for him the best they could with the resources they had but a year in a shelter is no good for anyone. Brodie was found running stray at large after breaking out of his home after his owner had died with him in the house. When he was finally brought into shelter care the staff wanted nothing more than to give this beautiful 8-year-old sweetheart who suffered so much trauma another chance at life. They hoped it would come. But days became weeks, weeks months, and months became a year.

We stepped in and found beautiful Brodie a foster home. Brodie is a total sweetheart and wants nothing more than to be with his people. He will require Behavioral Rehabilitation Support to help him move through his trauma and we are here for him 100%. We hope you are too!

We are committed to supporting and changing the landscape for not just Minnesota pets but the people who care for them in our shelter system. We are committed to changing lives, fostering love, and creating family!

588 pets have been moved out of shelters and into Pet Haven Foster Homes in 2022. This is a big impact on the pets we save but also on the shelter community we support! 


Please consider a gift in Brodie’s honor to help him and others like him who need Behavioral Rehabilitation.

Thank you for supporting our mission and work to change lives like Brodie!