July Adoptions to Celebrate – 72 pets found family!

July Adoptions to Celebrate – 72 pets found family!


So many of our wonderful cats and dogs were adopted in July!!

Congratulations to all the new families!

60 Cats:
Ollie, Andy, Boots, Hektor, Edsel, Charlie, Mia, Garfield, Ren, Watts, Sarth, Tito, Malibu, Finnegan, Sandman, Smokey, Mumu, Hitch, Tot, Higgins, Rebecca, Gayle, Teagan, Bob, Penelope, Blood Lord, McNugget, Hammie, Oliver, Alex, McMuffin, Pete, Fluffer Nutter, Lark, Annie Leibovitz, Vincent Van Gogh, Keeley, Roy, Noah, Gizmo, Georgia O’Keefe, Andy Warhol, Klohe, Cameron, Ripley, Roxy, Adorbs, Fabulous, Digory, Hydra, Binx, Maximus, Reme, Linda, Jamie, Ted, Opie, Lily, Edna, and Dash

12 Dogs:
Bug, Cricket, Edwina, Honeybee, Tramp, Dino, Hutch, Lucy, Burton, Tux, Bailey, and Eddy

And remember, if you’re on the prowl for your next kitty, look to our office in St. Paul for our Sunday Weekend Whiskers Cat Adoption event from 12pm – 3pm!

Check out when our adoption events are HERE