5 Family Cats Needing a Safe Place to Go… Impossible? Possible!

5 Family Cats Needing a Safe Place to Go… Impossible? Possible!


Our Owner Surrender Program provides more than a service to owners and a safe place for pets to land, we directly impact the reduction of pets entering shelters, being abandoned, and sometimes as tragic as it is, euthanized due to being deemed “unadoptable” or limited options.

Our program truly changes lives for not just the pets we save but for the people we help. Imagine having 5 Felines that are not well socialized but you love dearly, raised from babies having been rescued by your wife from under your front porch. Your wife passes away and shortly after your health declines. You need to move to assisted living.

The call we received to our Feline Support line was just this situation. It was heartbreaking. These cats were not shelter material. The other rescues and municipals the family called said they were full. Our Executive Director called the owner’s daughter to understand more of the situation. She quickly realized not only did these cats have few options, but the woman’s Father also had little time. To have to take the cats to the shelter would be heartbreaking for him. His wife adored them.

We stepped up and our Director went to the home to help gather Lil’ Bit, Princess, Midnight, Fritz, and Buddy into carriers, not an easy task. It took 3 hours of gentle coaxing, treats, and care. All 5 cats were safe in carriers and headed to foster homes. We knew they would need time to decompress and trust. We hoped they would be able to enjoy a newly enriched life and a family of their own.

We are happy to say all cats are doing well! 3 have been adopted and two are loving life in foster care learning to trust more and more each day! We give pets the time they need to recover from the insecurities of their pasts. Pets are family and they deserve to be loved and given the time they need to recover from loss and trauma.

367 pets have found safety through our Owner Surrender Program this year and their families have found peace of mind knowing they are safe with Pet Haven. We truly are a “Haven” for pets and people in crisis. 


On November 1st we received a donation in memory of Roger. This note was included. 

“Thank you, Kerry, and the entire Pet Haven network for your incredible support of my dad’s five cats. He was able to move and then die in peace knowing his beloved fur babies were in good hands.”