A new home for Ella

A new home for Ella

Ella was taken with some other animals in a neglect case through the Animal Humane Society.  This very friendly lady, about 10 yrs. old, was found to be in the early stages of kidney disease.



Pet Haven has taken some other cats and dogs that could not find homes through them.  They were shy, they were suspicious of people, they simply couldn’t adjust to shelter life or, as in the case of Ella, they didn’t feel they would have adopters who would choose her.  Pet Haven is able to find fosters for these unique situations when there is room and 2 foster homes, who have a heart for older cats, were willing to consider her.





She’s been to the vet and has had the worst of her matts removed.  Those electric clippers certainly made the job easier.  When you have long hair and aren’t being well taken care of, it’s hard to keep up and keep yourself tidy.  She also had a number of teeth removed.  One was a broken canine but several others caused her to ‘chatter’ when probed, even though she was under anaesthesia.  Ouch!

Ella now lives with her foster mom who will adopt her, 2 cats older than she is and one shyer fellow, Yonchie, who is 2-3 yrs. old.  AND a twerp – a foster kitten who has more energy than Ella thinks he should have and she’s been  known to give him a smack if he dances too close to her.  Most of the time Francis plays and bounces around with his buddy, Yonchie.


Ella has had her mom running to the pet food store in search of canned food she likes.  It’s been a struggle but, as all owners of cats know, they love to be waited on!  And, finally, several varieties and flavors have been approved and she’s even gained a little weight.  She was just over 6# when she came to Pet Haven and didn’t have much appetite – perhaps because of the condition of her teeth.


Pet Haven, the Animal Humane Society, A Rotta Love Plus and so many other groups are offering 2nd chances and more so that homeless animals can find a loving family to live out their lives.  None of us could do it without your help – you provide the homes, support, donations and volunteer hours.  Working together we are making progress.