Author: andrew

Author: andrew

Do you enjoy meeting new people in a new place?

Some folks do and some folks don’t. Some cats and dogs do and some dogs and cats don’t! Our adoption and meet-and-greet events are kept short for a reason.  Some dogs and cats enjoy going on an adventure, visiting a new place, hearing strange noises and sniffing new smells, meeting new people and new cats … Continued

Wait and see

IHOP had a response from a surgeon who saw his radiographs on VIN (Veterinary Information Network).  This vet feels he can see a small fracture in his femur that is not ‘displaced’ and that, given time, it will heal and no one will ever know he had a broken bone.  If the growth plate is … Continued

Surgery or not?

These two boys are brothers.  Arby is the black, short hair.  IHOP is the brown tabby, short hair.  Both came to another shelter prior to coming to Pet Haven, IHOP had an injury to his left rear leg when he came to rescue.     IHOP was examined, radiographs (x rays) were taken but little … Continued

Did you make a resolution to lose weight?

Pixel did!   Or, maybe it is more honest  to say her foster and Pet Haven made it for her.  If she could open the food cupboard, she would be happy to have an extra serving or snack or two. Pixel came to Pet Haven in Nov. 2015 when her owner, a friend of several … Continued

Daphne’s back and it took a village to find and catch her!

Pretty Daphne is back – shortly after Xmas – and is settling in at her foster home again.  She’s been treated for fleas and is being dewormed as a precaution and is getting to know her former housecat, Yonchie.   She’s thinner but in good shape, ready for some lap time and brushing. Many people helped … Continued

Daphne is lost! Will you help us find her?

Daphne found a new home last month.  In early Nov. she slipped out the door and hasn’t returned.  We’ve had hard rains and now it has turned cold! Please help us find this beautiful girl who raised 6  kittens with the help of her foster mom and who is loved by many.   Daphne is … Continued