Blanco’s Story

Blanco’s Story

Meet Blanco. His story is a long one, yet not entirely atypical of many dogs who find their way into rescue.

Blanco was brought to a local shelter as a stray after he was thrown out of a car. He was adopted, yet returned because he was reactive towards dogs on leash and suffered from crippling separation anxiety. His adopter stated that Blanco was wonderful in the house, loved car rides, and was great with her child and her niece. At home he was a well-behaved gentleman, had no potty accidents, no resource guarding, and did not jump on the furniture.

Yet once he was back at the shelter, he deteriorated rapidly, maniacally chewing his legs and injuring himself. The shelter was no place for him, and he needed to get OUT into a foster home. Just look at poor Blanco’s injuries:

Thankfully, Pet Haven welcomed him into a foster home. Watch Blanco exit the shelter below:

Unfortunately, Blanco proved to be a handful in his foster home. For one, he did not enjoy his crate, yet due to the safety of the foster’s animals, he needed to be separated. We decided it would be best to move Blanco to a board and train facility (located 2 hours north of the cities) so he could receive one-on-one support from professional trainers. Our goal was to get Blanco calmed down, acclimated to other dogs, and used to a crate so when his new foster/adopter could enjoy his sweet personality without all of his baggage!

Fast forward 2 months. Blanco has made great strides! He is now playing with other pups, being goofy and fun-loving, and is on medication to control his anxiety. Best of all, Blanco is looking for an adopter or foster to continue his journey to health and happiness. What can we tell you about this delightful dude?

πŸ‘Ά: he loves every human he meets, including kids
πŸ’©: he’s potty trained
πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ: his exercise needs are moderate
🧠: he’s super smart – knows basic commands
❀️: he bonds closely & quickly to his people
😽: not a fan of the feline variety
πŸ•: he likes other dogs but is still learning how to interact appropriately; for now a no-dog household would be best
πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ€: he gets nervous when you leave and will sing; apartments aren’t a good fit for this dude

If you’re interested in meeting Blanco, we can arrange a visit (just be prepared to travel to Sturgeon Lake, where he’s currently hanging out at the training facility!) You can read his bio here.

If fostering is more your speed, we’re looking for a dog-savvy person to welcome Blanco into their home. Not a current foster? Fill out an application here!

Pet Haven will continue to rally for Blanco. This is what we do- provide safety and security to dogs who have value and are worth the time and resources. He has had a rough road behind him and deserves a place to land and people who will appreciate all that he has to offer. The local rescue community recognized how special he was and many generous folks donated on his behalf to get him to where he is now. Let’s complete the circle and find him his road HOME!

Want to help but can’t foster or adopt? Consider donating to Blanco here!