Call To Help During a Pandemic – 21 Shih Tzu’s!

Call To Help During a Pandemic – 21 Shih Tzu’s!


Pet Haven receives hundreds of calls to help animals in need every year. We wish we could help all of them, but one call came in we could not turn away from. A call for help during the pandemic. 21 dogs were in need of immediate rescue after their owner passed away. All we knew was that they were small breed dogs and had no vetting.

Pet Haven does not have a shelter, or physical space to be able to house these pups, we rely solely on our fosters being able to open up their homes to animals in need. Finding a foster for immediate placement is difficult and even more so during a pandemic. We put out the “all call” and were nervous we would not be able to provide the homes these dogs needed. Our Foster team stepped up and within a matter of a few hours, we had enough fosters to bring 7 small lives in need of safety into our Foster Care Program. Two other foster-based rescues stepped up to take some also. With strong partnerships, we were able to find safe loving homes for 21 dogs!

Transport was arranged. The dogs were loaded into crates, placed in a van carefully arranged, and settled in for a 3 1/2 hour drive to the Twin Cities. We did not know what to expect regarding their condition. We did know some were not well socialized but our fosters were prepared to put the work in that was needed. Such a strong volunteer base we have!


Meet Boscoe, one of the 21. He had an e-collar (electric collar) embedded into his neck by mats. As our Executive Director worked to get the collar off of him it was continuously shocking him – and then her. To imagine the pain he felt prior to rescue, is unimaginable.


Meet Willy, just look at that face!


Meet Sylvester, he didnt know how much he would love to be loved.


Meet Betsey Boo, she was so sad and scared when she came in but has turned into a cuddle bunny!


Meet Shelly, all she wanted was to be on a warm lap taking a nap.


Meet Bertha, who came with the biggest surprise…..Little Bobbi!

We had no idea Bertha was a Momma!



We provide the care, love, medical attention, and training they will need to be successful in their adoptive homes. The adoption fees we charge won’t even come close to the amount we will (happily) spend on vetting, grooming & training to get them to a happy, healthy state. We are often left with a large gap to recover our costs but it is what we do to ensure they have a Forever Family.

Help us bridge that gap with a donation of any size so we can continue to save more lives!