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2018 SNIP Grants Announced!

What is SNIP? SNIP stands for Spay/Neuter Initiative Program. Pet Haven is committed to reducing the number of homeless pets in Minnesota. We believe we cannot adopt our way out of pet overpopulation, so we’re working to address the problem at its root. We offer the SNIP grant on an annual basis to animal welfare groups … Continued

Rescue On, Minnesota!

    What happens when a rescue community comes together? We create change for good, that’s what. Yesterday we learned of a local 16-year-old cocker spaniel who had been found as a stray. She was able to secure foster-to-adopt placement with a different rescue organization, but couldn’t leave the impound for a couple days. Sam, … Continued

Why is Nora smiling?

VCA Feist Animal Hospital sure gave Nora something to smile about! February was National Pet Dental Health Month and our fabulous partner, VCA Feist in St. Paul, offered us one heck of a deal! Nora is an older gal who had lived for YEARS with Stage 4 Periodontal disease, gingivitis, and a fractured tooth. Dr. … Continued

Kitten Season is here!

Meowzers! It’s heeeeeere!!!! “Kitten season” is a time of year when we see an above-average amount of unwanted litters being born in Minnesota who need foster homes. We are looking for fosters who are willing to take in cats & kittens of any age. You can learn more about what fostering entail and find our … Continued

Lucky Penny: Brutal honesty may get her adopted??

Penny has been in foster care for months. No matter what we have done to promote this pipsqueak, potential adopters have run the other direction when finding out about some of her (ahem….) “quirks.” So Pet Haven decided that it was time to lay it on the line and create a profile for her that … Continued

Fosters Wanted Posters!

Pet Haven is always recruiting fosters, and you can help us spread the woof right meow! Download, print, and hang at your favorite coffeeshop, vet clinic, doggy daycare, workplace, or apartment lobby!