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Tillie’s Tale

In February, we introduced you to a special gal. Her name is Tillie. Pet Haven pulled Tillie from a local shelter, where she had been completely shut down. This big 82-pound Great Dane mix wouldn’t hurt a fly, yet she had no desire to interact with humans while she was in the shelter setting.   … Continued

Marlene Hunkins

Marlene has volunteered with Pet Haven for 2 years  and recently took on a brand new leadership role in our cat divisionas the Cat Foster Coordinator, which means she provides “new foster onboarding” work, orientation and training to cat fosters. This role is critical to our organization, as she is the first person our new … Continued

Leslie- Volunteer Spotlight

Leslie is a Pet Haven veteran, as she has been volunteering with us since 2007. Throughout the years she has held many positions within the dog division, but currently, she is one of a handful of people working feverishly ‘behind the scenes’ to keep all our dog’s records organized and up to date. It’s so … Continued

Amy and Alex- Volunteer Spotlight

Amy and Alex have fostered canines for years prior to coming to Pet Haven, but have saved lives with us for almost a year now. We wanted to feature them because they are truly an unbelievable foster duo. They don’t just welcome a dog into their home; they work with the dog to understand what … Continued

Summertime Newsletter

  Check out our summertime newsletter and find out more about Strut Your Mutt, Pet Haven’s adoptables, and more!

Volunteer Spotlight: Becky

One of Pet Haven’s most loyal advocates  is being spotlighted this week, and her name is Becky! She has been fostering cats with us for 39 years but has also held several other positions within the organization too. She is always willing to lend a helping hand wherever she can, and she is a cheerful, … Continued