Category: Happy Tails

Category: Happy Tails

Pet Haven’s Pawgress Report (June 2021)

Seeking cat foster mentors!  Top traits of the greats: A caring heart – Your love for animals knows no bounds. You know that patience and compassion go hand and hand when it comes to both cat fosters who care for them. Proactive communicator – You aren’t afraid to pick up the phone, send an email … Continued

Pet Haven’s Pawgress Report (May 2021)

  We are still in search of a new Dog Division Manager! We are sad to see Merry step down as she has done a pawsome job in moving the division forward and supporting our team and mission, but we are hopeful someone just as passionate will step into the role. The Dog Division Manager … Continued

April Adoptions to Celebrate!

  48 Pet Haven foster kiddos found their way HOME in April! Congratulations to 38 cats: Buster, Smokey Joe, Tommie, Dobby, Assisi, Leonard, Jazz, Pampers, Alex, Daphne, Ernie, Milo, Bert, Cream, Storm, Socks, Warren, Lucifurr, Dottie, Buddy, Noodles, Brute, CC, Baby, Fren, Stubby, Gorgeous George, Saffron, Michael, Kitty, Christmas, Queen Poppy, Amber, Queen Barb, Mia, … Continued

March Adoptions to Celebrate!

  Pet Haven had some March Madness of its own with 77 adoptions!!   57 Gorgeous Gatos have forever family! Jessi, Norman, Rory, Remi, Donald, Phoibos, Banana, Ginny, Neville, Nimzy, Cindy, Snowden, Apple, Kirk, Avery, Chance, Mulligan, Pippi, Anastasia Potts, Charlie, Alice, Bojangles, Persephone, Miche, Sylvester, Calvin, Alabama, Eva, Alfie, Baby Girl, Kenji, Lola, Isabelle, … Continued

February Adoptions to Celebrate!!

      We had 43 adoptions in February! Congratulations to our happy Pet Haven Pets and new Pet Haven Family members. 34 Furry Felines! Val nka Kona, Jerry, Olley, Sergy, Ava, Bo nka Gus, Carmen, Evan nka Finn, Frankie, Nathaniel nka Oliver, Doctor, Madison, Zep, Merckx, tater Tot, Joss, Ziggy, Camila nka Luna, Storm, … Continued