Diamond is a best friend

Diamond is a best friend

Diamond is a chihuahua mix who came from the hoarding case in Bemidji, she was rescued by the Animal Humane Society and was one of the dogs that Pet Haven agreed to foster and help her find a home.


This petite cutey has made lots of strides.  She’s  perfect size for cuddling – one of her favorite activities with you.  Although initially shy with new people, once she spends about a half hour with her fosters meeting new folks, she is willing to sit on their laps and snuggle.

Dogs like Diamond who come from a hoarder do not know how to play.  This has changed with gentle encouragement from her fosters.  She’s learning how to play tug of war and has a favorite stuffed dog she likes to carry around and shake.

She has a couple games too:  She steals socks from the bedroom and plays hide and seek by hiding under a blanket or under the couch and gives you little clues as to how to find her – she barks softly!

She is crate trained for when you have to leave her – except a little crying when that happens.  She is pad trained to go outside on the deck to do her job and is anxious to perform so she can come back in and join you!

Diamonds are supposed to be a girl’s best friend and this Diamond is willing to be best friends with both men and women!