From Farm Feral to Forever Family

From Farm Feral to Forever Family

Liam and Fabio were found living on a farm.

They both showed up at different times and were thought feral by the farm’s owners. They had become scared and skittish around humans. It was common for cats to show up on the farm. The owners would let them stay, give them food, water, and a place to sleep but not much else.

Liam took to the barn with the other cats, he was shy and scared but seemed to enjoy the company of others.

Fabio was a solo guy and found a different spot to call his own.

The two were surviving but not thriving due to upper respiratory infections, ear mites, and nutritional challenges. They needed some help, but the farm owners did not have the resources or ability to get the cats the care they needed. The property was sold, and the new owners did not want any of the cats. The cats were live-trapped, put in the back of a truck, and made an hour’s journey to a shelter in southern Minnesota that offers feral and unadoptable cats a safe haven.

Liam was so scared he rubbed his face raw on the trap.

Once Fabio and Liam arrived at the shelter it was quickly established that these two were NOT feral and in fact strays. Both had been neutered and were very friendly. They needed medical attention and an opportunity for a home. Pet Haven was notified and we stepped up to help! Pet Haven’s Foster Care Program was just the right place to give them a space to heal, recover from the trauma they had both been through, and find a forever home. With our loving foster homes, Liam and Fabio were able to recover, improve their health and become the loving companions they were meant to be.

We are happy to say both Liam and Fabio have found their forever families and are cherished and getting the love they deserved!

Good News for Minnesota Cats

We love cats and are so excited to see that our kitten and Cat adoptions have skyrocketed! Over the last two years, we have had a nearly 100% increase in our adoption rate! We attribute this partially to the rising cultural awareness of just how amazing cats are, yet we also see a growing need in our community to help. So, we stepped up to save more lives!

We focused on adding more cat fosters this year, enabling us to offer safe harbor to more of our feline friends in need like Fabio and Liam. We also increased our adoption events and awareness of the growing need for felines in our community. We will continue to help cats in need like Liam and Fabio providing the medical care they need, loving foster homes, and once ready, be part of our Adoption Program helping them find a forever family!

With the generous support of people like you, we can continue our work of saving more cat’s lives!

Please consider a donation to help more cats like Liam and Fabio.

We are so grateful for the support. Thank you!