Honey – ready to go!

Honey – ready to go!

Honey has been to the vet for more radiographs today and is cleared of restrictions!  Healing is complete, she can go for longer walks now and play more freely although she will have you know she really loves to be a couch potato!  No trips to the dog park yet but she’s heading in that direction.


Honey spent time at St. Louis Park Parktacular last weekend which was pretty overwhelming for a young lady who is not used to crowds, lots of noise and dogs and people she doesn’t know.

She and her foster are working on keeping her attention on her foster before or as she sees a dog she doesn’t know so she doesn’t start barking.  A few tiny treats in a bag keep her anxious to be rewarded with another one when she does stay focused.  Honey will need someone who will work with her by taking her to obedience classes to increase the bond between her owner and Honey and to help Honey learn barking isn’t necessary.


She’s always anxious to walk and does some pulling on a leash so that is a skill she needs to master also.  She is used to a gentle leader and it works well for her.  She’s more relaxed about meeting folks she doesn’t know and coming for attention.  All of us, people, dogs and cats come with unique personalities and abilities.  Her new family will be rewarded by the improvements she makes and enjoy learning what new tricks she has up her sleeve.


Honey is a super friendly girl, ready to start looking for a new home, probably with experienced dog owners.  As you can see from the attached pictures, she occupies herself well and loves to go for car rides!



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