Maddy Hawkins Endowment for Special Needs Pets

Maddy Hawkins Endowment for Special Needs Pets

(Maddy and Hawkeye a Pet Haven Alumni that helped her find strength through her medical treatments)


Anyone who has had a special relationship with a pet understands the love and trust they give to us unconditionally. They place a tremendous amount of trust that we will do all we can for them especially when needing special care or medical procedures. Their eyes may be fearful but they will always hold trust for the ones they love.


This was very much Maddy’s experience when walking through her medical needs. It was the trust and love she held for animals and her family that carried her through her own medical challenges.



Maddy had a deep love for animals. They helped her brave a degenerative condition her body would not survive but her strength, light, and love would continue to shine on through the loss of her physical being.




Maddy impacted so many lives with her joy of spirit. One of these people is a generous supporter and adopter of a Pet Haven pup named Hawkeye. As a tribute to Maddy and her love for animals, she felt it was fitting to contribute to the Pet Haven endowment with a “Maddy Hawkins Fund” supporting special medical needs rescued pets at Pet Haven. We are deeply grateful for this gift and promise to continue Maddy’s love and spirit through our mission.


Maddy was born a sweet little baby and grew into a feisty kid. Around age 10, she was diagnosed with a neurodegenerative condition of unknown etiology that would see her physical, fine motor, and cognitive functioning decline. When she passed away in April 2019 at the age of 24, her interests resembled, in many ways, a child of 4 to 5 years of age. Throughout her life, she retained a child-like wonder and possessed a pure, caring nature that touched all who met her. Like the animals that we take into our care, her capacity for love was boundless.

Maddy knew what it meant to hurt. She had countless surgeries, hospitalizations, illnesses, and never-ending doctor appointments to which she rarely complained. Despite her pain and decline, her beautiful, shining essence was ever-present.


She definitely didn’t want anyone to feel bad for her. Her focus, instead, was on the people and animals around her — wanting to make sure you or they were okay. She possessed a special empathy for animals, especially those that needed any kind of special care.


Her ability to have joy despite her pain and loss of so many abilities helps put any difficulties facing us into perspective.




This endowment gift is earmarked for the medical and behavioral needs of the animals in the Pet Haven family.

It was given in honor of Maddy’s Birthday on March 31st.



 Her heart was so big and her belief so real, innocent, and sincere – it propels the rest of us to say, “We believe, too!!” And that was the magic of being her friend.” Shelly McLees, Pet Haven Foster, and dedicated supporter.


From Mary, a friend, and caregiver: I’m extremely grateful to have shared a part of Maddy’s journey here on Earth. To know Maddy is to love her. Truly. I don’t know a sole who would claim otherwise. She touched hearts in an instant with her pure, genuine, caring nature–and I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Maddy’s honesty–she was pleasantly, politely, and directly honest. Maddy was known to say, “I’m telling the truth and I’m honest.”


Rachel, a friend of Maddy’s sister: Over the years, I learned that Maddy’s intuition, and empathy, were like no other. I had my first glimpse of it in 2006, and while I was too young to completely recognize it then, I more than fully appreciate it now. She is a blessing to every person in this world, and I look forward to seeing her extraordinary heavenly self again someday.”




If you would like to make a donation that can be used now in Maddy’s memory and honor of Maddy’s birthday please do so to our Phoenix Fund for special needs pets please indicate “For Maddy”

If you would like to make a sustaining gift to our Legacy Endowment in honor of The Maddy Hawkins Fund please contact our Executive Director at Director@PetHavenMN.Org