Oscar & Klaus

Oscar & Klaus

Oscar and Klaus

They may be of matching color scheme, but who knew they were ever going to be brothers? I know I sure didn’t! It all started last October when I saw Oscar. From his online biography, Oscar seemed like a petite cat with lots of personality, and maybe a bit of mischief. After meeting Oscar, I just couldn’t get the little guy out of my head and after 24 hours I called his foster back and told them I was ready to adopt.

Oscar walked right into the carrier I had brought like he knew he was going to his forever home from the moment I opened the carrier door. He needed some time to settle in, but once we got through the first several weeks, he started to come hang out with me on his own volition. Now, he needs his quota of 12 hours of pets per day met and has claimed the couch as his throne. He has become a source of humor, happiness and heart in my life.

Fast forward to December, when I finally decided to foster myself and brought my first foster dog home! I found a sense of purpose and joy in being the bridge for six foster dogs from stray to their forever home. Then came number seven. Klaus was found as a stray and was a playful, sweet Pit bull-Dalmatian mix. His polka-dotted ears made him stand out. With each week I learned more about him, his quirks and saw how well he fit into my life. I’d take him down the trail and break into a smile as I saw him mimic the frogs he would hunt; with a vertical jump as he chased them through the field with abandon.

I can’t remember a particular “aha!” moment, but just a gradual realization that he was becoming embedded into my life. I would hover my mouse over the adoption application on the Pet Haven website, deciding between continuing to foster him or adopt him. I eventually decided to take the leap and keep Klaus as a permanent member of the family!

So how are Oscar and Klaus managing things as brothers? Klaus has known from day one who rules the home, and that is Oscar. Klaus could care less, though, as long as he maintains roles as car co-pilot, frog hunter and toy de-constructor extraordinaire. Oscar is the calm, Klaus is the energy and together we fit perfectly.”

– Lauren, Pet Haven Volunteer, Foster & Adopter