Second Chance for Shiner

Second Chance for Shiner



We love our seniors! 

This 10-year-old best boy came to our shelter partner as a stray. He was extremely thin and had wounds on his feet and legs from allergies. He was not doing well at the shelter the noise and activity made him very nervous. As a result of the condition he was in and the negative effect the shelter was having on him he was marked for euthanasia.

His family was found but unfortunately, they admitted that they didn’t have the financial ability to feed him or vet him properly. They had fallen on extremely hard times. We see this too much these days. They surrendered him so that he could find rescue placement and a second chance.


Pet Haven offered Shiner that chance and we are so happy to have him! 

This amazing boy literally got in the back of the SUV, laid down, and exhaled all that stress away.



He is going to have a full belly and lots of love for the rest of his life! 

Shiner was adopted by Pet Haven Alumni and has Pet Haven siblings!


Shiner’s siblings!


A lot of people are struggling financially and we want to make sure our community knows that there are resources – community pet food shelves, low-cost veterinary care, and care credit. Pet Haven has given out over 60,000 pounds of dog food this year and offered resources and safe surrender options to over 300 pets.


Please don’t let animals suffer. There are people and places willing to help. Pet Haven is here to help.


The Ripple Effect of Pet Haven’s Safe Owner Surrender Program Saves and Changes Lives. 

Your support makes a difference in the lives of pets and people! Generosity creates ripple effects!

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