SNIP Impact

SNIP Impact

In 2018 Pet Haven awarded $20,000 in grant funds to nine incredible Minnesota-based organizations who work to combat pet overpopulation. These groups focused their efforts on stray populations, local cat colonies, supporting spay/neuter efforts on native reservations, ferals, and bully breeds.


“I had Luna spayed through your SNIP grant program, and I wanted to take a moment to thank you for providing this service. I appreciate being able to be a part of the solution to the critical issue of overpopulation of felines. Thank you again for everything you do for the animals.”

“I participate in Red Lake Rosie’s clinic every year. I had Sasquatch my shepherd and pit-bull
dog neutered at the clinic. He also got shots for rabies and distemper and was treated for ticks and fleas. I think it is good to have these affordable services for our pets. All my animals have been fixed through this program. I would not be able to afford to have all my animals up to date on their shots and all fixed if it were not for this program.” Avis,  Redby, Minnesota

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