Stereotypes are the pits

Stereotypes are the pits


“Bully breed” dogs include any dog with a blocky-shaped head, short hair, and muscular stature. When a DNA test is done on these dogs, results often include breeds like the Labrador retriever, mastiff, bulldog, boxer, great dane, Catahoula, hounds and many more.

These dogs are the first to be stereotyped (which we have anecdotally found to be incredibly untrue) and the last to be adopted. And they need your help. TODAY!

Our shelter partners are overflowing with “bully breed” dogs who are at risk of euthanasia, as these energetic and social dogs tend not to do well sitting for 20+ hours in a kennel, despite shelter staff/volunteer’s best attempts at enrichment. A kennel is not a home.

Reba was one of these “bully breed” dogs who found herself homeless last year. She was young and untrained but a true sweetheart who was dog-friendly, kid-friendly and cat-friendly; she just needed a foster home who believed in her right to live and thrive. And fortunately, she found that in her foster mom Jackie. Today Reba lives happy and healthy with her adopters, thanks to a second chance provided by her foster family.

Save a life. Foster a pup. 

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