Work Worth Doing

Work Worth Doing


As Executive Director of Pet Haven, I see first hand the incredible life-changing impact Pet Haven has, not only on the rescued pets Pet Haven saves but also the people Pet Haven serves.

With the onset of COVID-19, there have been many challenges and the animal welfare industry has been deeply affected. Municipal shelters were ordered to close to the public, reducing staffing and forcing the removal of animals. Vet Clinics were ordered to stop elective surgeries which included population reducing spay and neuter services, Pet Owners in crisis needing to surrender beloved pets due to medical and economic challenges skyrocketed, and marginalized communities such as our Tribal Nations were hit incredibly hard.

As shelters were ordered to reduce animals due to a reduction in staffing to care for them, Pet Haven stepped in to help. The COIVD crisis hit and we grew our foster base by over 150 loving homes thus having the ability to open doors and help our shelter partners reduce their numbers. As a result of these efforts, 285 dogs and cats from shelters found a foster home with Pet Haven. Pet Haven often takes the ones left behind considered “not adoptable“ or needing medical attention or behavioral support other groups turn away from.







With COVID restrictions, shelters were not taking in stray animals. Pet Haven quickly changed our policy and stepped up to say “yes” helping stray pets and giving people resources to find the owners. If owners were not able to be found, Pet Haven brought these abandoned pets into their Foster Care Program. This resulted in 42 pets finding a safe, secure place until adoption.

Pet Haven goes where it is needed most and our work with marginalized communities such as Minnesota’s Tribal Nations populations is deeply important. This year has been particularly difficult on the Reservations and Pet Haven has been there providing support. 217 animals in need of rescue found placement in Pet Haven’s Foster Care Program while waiting for adoption. Pet Haven assisted with wellness clinics, surrender events, and sponsored spay and neuter events.

Animal rescue is not only about animals, but it is about people too. Nothing exemplifies this more than Pet Haven’s Crisis Owner Surrender Program. Tragically due to COIVD, the economic downturn, and illness there are more owner surrender requests this year than ever. We have seen over a 200% increase in requests over the last year. Pet Haven has stepped up and said “yes” to owners in crisis and provided peace of mind knowing their family member is in a home and not in a shelter or worse. Making the decision to surrender a family pet is difficult enough. Knowing your family member is safe in a home with adoption waiting is huge. This year Pet Haven has helped over 100 families in crisis find a safe place for their beloved family pet,  giving these families the reassurance they need that their pet is safe.


Pet Haven has worked hard to say “YES” in a time of crisis and as a result, has impacted the lives of 693 pets and the people who love them. This is 259 more animals so far this year than last year. 49 of them were born in our foster homes! And the year is not over. We are on track to double the number of lives impacted this year by the power of saying “yes” and stepping up in a time of crisis.

Pet Haven’s reach has been wide. Affecting the lives of pets and the people by providing a safe place to land, medical care, proper nutrition, and peace of mind to pet owners in a crisis that has no choice but to surrender. We are proud of what we do and have improved the lives of the 535 people who have adopted Pet Haven pets into their family!

I am incredibly proud to represent this small but mighty rescue. I hope you find them as valuable to the community and deserving of support as I do. This is the work I get up to do every day. Work Worth Doing.


Please consider a gift today. Even a small gift makes a big impact on the lives of the pets and people we serve. Every precious dollar donated goes to animal care. Small but Mighty!