Working together

Working together

Pet Haven is one of the founding members of MnPAW.


Previously the Pet Haven dog division has taken dogs who came into the Animal Humane Society under MnPAW and helped with hoarder dogs who needed a longer time in a foster home to be ready for adoption.



Diamond has found her forever home.


Pet Haven cat division recently took in 2 cats from the Leech Lake spay neuter clinic put on by MnPAW.  At this clinic Pet Haven paid for the surgeries, other groups helped with food, collars, vaccinations, microchips and other things. The Animal Humane Society also helped by taking surrendered animals so they could have another chance at a forever home.


Many of the cats surrendered were able to go up for adoption after spay/neuter surgery, vaccinations and microchipping through the Animal Humane Society.  A few were too shy for placement there and other MnPAW members were called upon to see if they could help.


Pet Haven took two of the cats after several evaluation sessions by volunteers.  A male, named Ponemah, who is about 3-5 yrs. old.  A female, named Periwinkle, who is  somewhat over a year.  Both cats need extra socialization and are in foster homes who are working with them to get them to the point of being able to go into a forever home.


Here is a picture of Periwinkle.  She has a cute, round face and a short, plush coat.  Peri is nervous about being pet even though she head butts your hand.  She will also swirl around as you pet down her back.  She may have been played with too roughly as a kitten and thinks hands are toys.  We’re working on removing that response by only petting her a few strokes at a time and giving her a chance to relax and not become over-excited.  She loves to play and is a happy little girl. She seems to like other cats.