The Strong Bond of Brotherhood

  Darriel was born in a rural shelter that had limited adoption opportunities. There he lived for the first year of their life. He only knew shelter life.  Through our partnerships with rural and city municipal shelters, we help move pets out who may have little to no chance at adoption, into foster homes. Pet … Continued

Helping Pets and People – The Story of Barney and Quincy

  Much has been written about the strong bonds formed between humans and pets, and how beneficial animal companionship is.  The story of Barney and Quincy‘s journey to their forever home via Pet Haven is one of these stories and we will always remember. Unlike many of the cats and dogs that come to Pet Haven, we … Continued

Poorly Drawn Pet Portraits from Pet Haven

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner so it’s the perfect time to celebrate your sweetheart pet with a poorly drawn portrait! For a donation of just $15, you will receive a digital one-of-a-kind hand-drawn pet portrait created by a Pet Haven volunteer! Will it be amazing? Will it be terrible? You never know, but … Continued

From Feral to Friendly – The Story of Butterfly

    Meet Butterfly.  She is a clear example of the very negative effects of environmental stress. Butterfly almost didn’t have a chance. She was just 12 weeks old when caught in a live trap on a very cold December day and brought to a shelter just a few days before a big snowstorm. There … Continued

When Cuteness is a Curse: Story of a puppy that bites.

  Meet Fae. The Puppy. The Biter. By now, countless studies have illustrated that temperament is not “all in how you raise them.” There are certain biological factors at play. Environment certainly has a strong influence on an individual, yes, but DNA is part of the equation too. Fae is an excellent example of this. … Continued

December Adoptions to Celebrate!

71 Pet Haven Pets found a family of their own in December. We are so grateful for all the adopters that became Pet Haven Family Members this month! 18 Doggos found their destiny: Henry, Coco, Tundra, Blue, Joy nka Pepper, Oak nka Scout, Clementine nka Stella, Rebecca nka Opal, Spunkie nka Freya, Maggie Mae nka … Continued