A Dog Lost Finds Help, Hope, and Home

This is the story of Fischer, a dog that could have easily slipped through the cracks and not had a chance. Thankfully due to the ripple effect of a few people who cared, Fischer is now living his best life full of love, warmth, and the security of a family.    There was a post … Continued

A Pet Haven Feline Becomes a Star at Can Do Canines!

From Shelter No Name to a Rescue Rock Star, We are so proud of Bronze!   Bronze found himself at a city municipal shelter on a cold day in February. He was brought to Bloomington Animal Control after being found by a good samaritan who suspected he was hit by a vehicle. While he was … Continued

April Pawgress Report!

Will Work for Bones! Volunteer Highlights on a few positions we need support with! Transport Volunteers  The transport volunteer transports animals or supplies to and from vet, kennel, foster home, shelter, adoption events or other specified If you are interested in being a transport driver for Crossroads or other vetting related needs please contact Savannah … Continued

March Adoptions to Celebrate!

Congratulations to the 60 Pet Haven Pets that found a loving family in March! We are so excited for them to start their journey into a new life with families that will cherish and value them for the rest of their lives! What lucky pups and meowzers! 15 dogs were adopted in March! Thank you … Continued

How to Help a Dog That’s Missed Early Socialization

The early socialization of puppies can make all the difference in the quality of a dog’s life because it is a vital factor in canine development. Puppies that have missed or are denied early socialization risk suffering the consequences for their entire lives.    Photo by Alvan Nee on Unsplash   The arrival of the … Continued

Foster Stories: October, a Senior Feline Finds a New Life

My name is Brianna and I have been a foster for Pet Haven since February of 2020. My first foster cat, Glinda,  was a “Foster Fail” meaning I adopted her myself. I had six more foster cats before October came. I felt pretty confident I knew cats, but October was pretty much a game-changer for … Continued