MEOWZA!! What’s So Great About Cats?

At Pet Haven we have always know how amazing our feline friends are and that’s why we are so excited to see others figuring that out too! The month of September has proven to be one of our busiest cat adoption months ever, so we have renamed it “Catember”! What’s so great about cats you … Continued

Oscar & Klaus

They may be of matching color scheme, but who knew they were ever going to be brothers? I know I sure didn’t! It all started last October when I saw Oscar. From his online biography, Oscar seemed like a petite cat with lots of personality, and maybe a bit of mischief. After meeting Oscar, I … Continued

Blanco’s Story

Meet Blanco. His story is a long one, yet not entirely atypical of many dogs who find their way into rescue. Blanco was brought to a local shelter as a stray after he was thrown out of a car. He was adopted, yet returned because he was reactive towards dogs on leash and suffered from … Continued

Meet Blanco!

Blanco is on the lookout for a foster, adopter or a foster-to-adopt home! Blanco became “local famous” when he was struggling to cope in the shelter environment, and for his quality of life, a euthanasia date was scheduled. We were beyond thrilled to have the honor of walking Blanco out of the shelter and into … Continued