Minnesota Viking – Mushu

  Mushu came to Pet Haven originally in 2018 as Viking. Viking came from a Red Lake Reservation Wellness and Surrender Clinic that Pet Haven volunteers at. He was about one year old and was found with a pretty bad limp with difficulty walking.  One of our volunteers at the clinic took Viking back to … Continued

Help Precious Breath, A Story of Breath and Beauty

    Precious, who has taken the title of Duchess in her foster’s household, needs your help to be able to breathe! She is an exotic shorthair with brachiocephalic features and an inverted nose (double whammy!) This is due to purposeful breeding practices that try and get desirable cosmetic traits of a big-eyed, “flat-faced” or … Continued

Fat Cat! Tommy’s Journey to Better Health and a Enriched Life

    Tommy began his journey to Pet Haven at the end of 2021 after his owner had passed away. Pet Haven said yes to this 12.5-year-old diabetic boy desperately looking for a soft spot to land. Overweight at 19.5 lbs, Tommy didn’t have much energy to do well, much of anything. He struggled to … Continued

July Adoptions To Celebrate!

  Congratulations to the 58 Pet Haven Pets that found home in the month of July! 13 dashing dogs: Lulu, Freeway, Pops, Curly, Trooper, Zara, Betty, Dot, Kerry, Rosco, Maureen, Spike, Ivy 45 charming cats: Rousey, Camilla, Amelia, Whiskey, Zoey, Biscuit, Livi, Peeve, Godiva, Love, Mika, Caliente, Cooper, Charcoal, Whopper, Thumper, Boris, Cadbury, Hershey, Gaia, … Continued

June Adoptions to Celebrate

83 Lucky Pet Haven Rescued Pets Found Family in June!  70 Kittens and Cats are in loving homes with the help of our adoption program: Duncan, Houdini, Pretty, Posh, Penny, Suzy, Faith, Alaska, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Franz, Aspen, Willow, Sedar, Magnolia, Meisha, Weili, Althea, Apollo, Sauron, Jay, Downy, Luther, Lea, Juno, Sprout, Poppy, Alfie, Orchid, Newton, … Continued