University of Minnesota Helps Jada Run Again!

  Meet Jada: an adorable, loving, playful two-year-old mastiff mix. Jada came into Pet Haven’s care with a limp and wasn’t able to put all of her weight on her right leg. When she first went to the vet for x-rays, we had no idea what was actually in store for the rescue or for Jada. … Continued

Pet Haven’s Pawgress Report (September 2021)

Cat Owner Surrender/ Return Coordinators The OS/Return Coordinator- Cat Division is responsible for responding, coordinating, and processing cats who are surrendered by their owner or returned to Pet Haven. The OS/Return Coordinator reviews and assesses the animal’s veterinary records and surrender form and makes arrangements for the animal to be transferred to Pet Haven. The … Continued

Patience is a virtue – A foster’s journey with Louie.

In a world filled with immediate knowledge, feedback, and results, patience is not just a virtue, but a seemingly forgotten skill. In rescue, we need to show patience at two important transitions. Transitioning into the foster home and transitioning out of foster to their forever. My current 9-year-old foster cat, Louie, has required patience from … Continued

Pet Haven’s Pawgress Report (August 2021)

Our Owner Surrender team provides compassion, knowledge, and understanding to a difficult time for pets and owners. By helping owner surrenders, we are proactively reducing the shelter population by bringing animals that would be surrendered to a local shelter into a home environment instead. Please consider joining the team. Both the cat and dog divisions … Continued

July Adoptions to Celebrate!

Congratulations to the 80 pets who found families in July! We are beaming from ear to ear happy to have helped create so many families! 61 Furry Felines found families in July; Q, Jake, Finn, Tilly, Paloma, Oscar, Heather, Sissy, Max, Oreo, Mungo, Rumple, Elsa, Paulie, Gina, Odin, Loki, Kit, Panda nka Otis, Mabel, Dipper, … Continued