Pet Haven’s Pawgress Report (February 2022)

Cat Home Visit Volunteer Home Visit Volunteers are responsible for managing and supporting the Cat Division Foster Coordinator by providing the final step in the foster training and onboarding process. Home visit volunteers provide the “home visit” for new fosters which includes final training steps, signing the foster agreement, and offering a welcome package to … Continued

January Adoptions to Celebrate!

  68 Fantastic Furry Felines found family! DJ, Tony, Flora, Butterscotch, Sunshine, Cassie, Buddy, October, Mosey, Jack, Peeve, Tinsel, Chimney, Joey, Izzy, Kiki, Pandora, Krissie, Elfie, Rae, Jackie, Astrid, Jangle, Pam, Breeze, Pickles, Sophie, Princess, Lucy, Linus, Evangeline, Semi, Al Pacino, Pablo Escobar, Luci, Opie, Ruth, Eugene, Bow, Jasper, Oliver, Norman, Creed, Bella, 6ie, Bingo, … Continued

Pet Haven’s Poorly Drawn Pet Portraits!

  Help us celebrate 70 years with a portrait of your sweetheart…..your pet! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner so it’s the perfect time to celebrate your sweetheart pet with a poorly drawn portrait! For a donation of just $15, you will receive a digital one-of-a-kind hand-drawn pet portrait created by a Pet Haven … Continued

Fostering Saves Lives: but it’s not always easy!

Stories from our fosters help us see what we do truly change the lives we save. Our fosters are key in changing the lives of pets and people for the better. They are the backbone of what we do and our 70 year model of saving the lives of pets at risk. The story of … Continued

Our Animal Flow Statistics for 2021

  Where do our rescued pets come from? How many get adopted? Looking back over the last three years we compare valuable data.               As a percentage of all intake sources, shelter partnerships have seen a massive decline since 2019. •In 2019 we helped 269 shelter animals find foster … Continued