Senior Cat? Kitten?

Senior Cat? Kitten?

You’re ready for a new cat – have you thought about what you’d like?

Preference in sex? length of hair? personality?What is your daily schedule like? Busy, off to work early, home after 6, in need of a calmer and companionable cat? Perhaps you love activity, lots of interaction, antics that make us laugh till we cry but will drive others to wish their cat or kitten would just grow-up!

Jasmine came from another shelter to Pet Haven. She was turned in because her owner was suddenly allergic to her. Jazzy didn’t like the shelter – too many cats, too much confusion, not enough time for her. She’s settled in to a foster home nicely and gets along with one of the owner’s cats. She would undoubtedly do fine as an only cat. Jasmine loves to wander around the house looking for a toy or two to bat around, for a sunny spot to snooze in, for a lap to snuggle in. She’s very social, and has lived with another cat and children.

Jazzy will be 9 yrs. old – most cats live to be 14-20 yrs. of age. She’s just barely middle-aged! She is a beautiful smoke, tabby calico with very soft fur and is front paw declawed – She won’t care if you work long hours although she’ll be very happy to see you come home. She’ll stick by you to hear about your day – and perhaps to tell you about the birds and chipmunks that came to the feeder.

She’s just one of many, waiting for a home with just the right person. She doesn’t realize that some folks look down on her because she is ‘old’ and wouldn’t consider a middle aged cat.

Now – let’s talk kittens!


Playful, crazy antics, awake in the middle of the night for a good romp across the bed, in need of active playtime with you before you go to work, when you come home and before bed. Oh, and, yes, there will be things to pick up when you come home that you didn’t realize were toys.



Yes, they are adorable and fun and perhaps that is the activity level you most enjoy – then by all means, look for a kitten! They’re looking for homes too!


This petite torti mom has had her last litter of kittens – 5 in number. She’s gotten a smooth and sleek coat and has regained her energy. She looks no larger than a kitten herself and is probably only 18 months old.