Stan and Jack

Stan and Jack

These two brothers are living at a vet clinic that Pet Haven works with. They are looking for a home – together or, perhaps, with another cat or dog.

Both are light orange tabbys and are almost the same color. One has slightly darker coloring. They have deep gold eyes too – handsome fellows.

They are friendly and very social guys, enjoying games of laser light and fishing pole type toys with you, some time to cuddle and sleeping on the bed at night.

This is Stan on the left, and Jack on the right.


They also entertain themselves well – toys, if you don’t have enough, you can go out and get more! Or, the boys say they’ll find some common household items (pens and pencils, q-tips, small pieces of paper) that look interesting and they will try them out as toys too.

You’ll probably need to have the wastebaskets and kitchen basket secured also – you never know what you might have thrown away that could be played with!

Do you have bookcases in your home or other shelving? It’s always fun to jump up there and see what things look like from the heights.

All of that fun makes kittens so enjoyable. You’ll just need to put away the dried flower arrangements and the breakable, collectibles and provide windows and a fun perch so they can be enjoyed.

Do you feed the birds and squirrels outside? Stan and Jack would love to be bird counters.


Stan and Jack say hi, they’ll be attending many of our Pet Haven adoption events or can be visited at the clinic. You can fill out an adoption application here for any Pet Haven cat you might be interested in.